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PRESIDENT ’ S MESSAGE reflections s I near the end of my term of service as PCSO President, I would like to reflect on what what the PCSO Board and Executive Committee have accomplished over the past few years: Dr. Merrill A by Dr. Rob Merrill, PCSO President and has continued, helping to increase the effectiveness of the Executive Committee. Our Executive Director, Jill Nowak, and President-elect, Bryan Williams, will be attending a course administered by the American Society of Association Executives that is designed to help leaders in their roles. The course, entitled “Exceptional Boards—Strengthening the Governance Team,” will focus on setting objectives and raising the level of engagement and commitment of all volunteer leaders. Dr. Williams will be continuing the changes adopted by PCSO and its board that have made our operations more effective and efficient. The PCSO Board of Directors has focused our energy and resources toward board-identified critical issues. Recent issues have dealt with communications, data-based decisions, alliances with other groups, and responding to economic challenges faced by our members. After solutions to critical issues have been implemented, new issues are identified and potential solutions determined during board discussion. This has been an ongoing effort, with the critical issues process taking shape under the guidance of Dr. Lili Horton, Executive Committee planning sessions beginning under Dr. Lesley Williams, and continued improvement in the effectiveness of PCSO board governance coming under the direction of Dr. Bryan Williams. PCSO has been well served by those who are willing to share their time, talent, energy, and enthusiasm for the benefit of the membership as a whole. A great deal of thanks is merited by those who serve on the board as well as those who have done so in the past. As we meet in Monterey to celebrate a Century of Smiles with PCSO, I hope we will reflect with gratitude on those who have served PCSO in its first 100 years and determine what each of us will do to serve PCSO as we enter our next 100 years. We are wonderfully blessed to be a part of a great profession, and particularly to be specialists within that great profession. I’m proud to be able to call you all colleagues. (Besides, that word sounds better than collaborators!) As PCSO Annual Session attendance patterns change, PCSO has reviewed all aspects of the meeting to ensure we are achieving the highest level of revenue possible by maximizing attendance and controlling expenses while retaining quality programming. In the future, we plan to change settings, from convention centers to conference centers, in order to eliminate the cost of utilizing two locations. We have re-evaluated PCSO’s investment policy and holdings and are implementing changes in order to lower fees, to expand opportunities (to increase return) and to diversify (to decrease risk). To reduce printing and postage costs, we have increased electronic communications (using email blasts, posting news to the PCSO Web site, etc.). We recently took a bold step to transition our printed PCSO Bulletin to an electronic publication; planning is underway to issue the Winter 2012 PCSO Bulletin in this new digital format. This user-friendly format will include options to bookmark, highlight, and share articles and will feature extras such as embedded videos and links to related articles. We now use SharePoint to provide information and opportunities for discussion to board members. This saves postage and phone charges. We have eliminated face-to-face committee meetings, and now use GoToMeeting to conduct many meetings over the Internet. An Executive Committee planning session is held immediately after new officers are elected in order to get work rolling. This change was instituted by Lesley Williams S 2 PCSO BuLLETIN • SuMMER 2012

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President's Message
Executive Director's Letter
PCSO Business
AAOF Report
PCSO at a Glance
Practice Management Diary
Faculty Files
Correction to Faculty Files article, Spring 2012
Seasoned Practicioner's Corner
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Portrait of a Professional
From Good to Great in a Tough Economy
Three-Dimensional Volumetric Imaging: An Emerging Diagnostic Tool
Destination Success
Case Report Post-Treatment
Earl's Pearls

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Summer 2012