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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ’ S REPORT WHAT I’VE LEARNED BY LOOKING BACK hroughout communications from PCSO this year, you’ve heard about the “Century of Smiles” we are celebrating as PCSO enjoys its 100th year. There are many wonderful things about big anniversaries and the nostalgia they bring. This is especially true when it’s an anniversary that thousands of people share. JILL NOWAK T PCSO’s anniversary is shared by all of its members—past and present. Each member’s professional history is part of PCSO’s heritage, just as the collective history of PCSO belongs to each individual member. For me, the celebration has provided a reason to dig into the historical files I inherited a few years ago. And inevitably, I see a face in an Annual Session program or a PCSO Bulletin that looks a little familiar and realize it’s a flashback to an earlier Dr. X who is still a vital part of PCSO leadership today. Or maybe it’s Dr. Y who I have the pleasure of seeing at every Annual Session..or even Dr. Y’s father—or grandfather— when HE was a board member. It’s easy to see how PCSO became the great society it is today as I learn about the foundation built over decades by dedicated leaders who took the time to make a difference—and who still make a difference today. Do you realize that: • • • • • Over 700 PCSO members have served on the PCSO Board of Directors. 167 PCSO members have served in the AAO House of Delegates—and 33 of those individuals are still active in PCSO or AAO leadership today. 75 (soon to be 76) PCSO Annual Sessions and 13 AAO Annual Sessions have been held in the PCSO region. PCSO has faced—and prevailed in—three major lawsuits. The structure of the PCSO Board of Directors has undergone significant changes eight times. The most recent change ensured a voice for every component organization, providing opportunities for new leaders to emerge and thrive. I encourage you to be part of PCSO history, too. Perhaps, someday, the PCSO Executive Director will be looking through the 2012 Annual Session Program and see a familiar face and say “Ah, yes, that is Dr. Z who made such a big difference for PCSO and its members.” And Dr. Z will be u. PCSO Executive Director S SuMMER 2012 • PCSO BuLLETIN 3

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Executive Director's Letter
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Correction to Faculty Files article, Spring 2012
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From Good to Great in a Tough Economy
Three-Dimensional Volumetric Imaging: An Emerging Diagnostic Tool
Destination Success
Case Report Post-Treatment
Earl's Pearls

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Summer 2012