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Case Report Progress and Post-treatment How would you treat this malocclusion? Case M.W. 12 years, 4 months treatment Plan T he pros and cons of all of the above treatment plans were considered. The last option—maxillary first bicuspids and mandibular deciduous second molar extraction—was decided upon. The risks and benefits of treatment were discussed. When the lower first molars and first bicuspids contacted, the Nance appliance was removed and the upper first molars rebanded. The lower anterior teeth and cuspids were then bonded. Treatment time at this point was 6 months. The upper and lower arches were then leveled through .019" x.025" steel wires, the second molars banded and spaces closed with sliding mechanics. Triangular elastics from the upper cuspids to the lower cuspids and first bicuspid were worn to settle the case, and the patient was debanded. The total treatment time was 25 months. At deband, a bonded mandibular cuspid-to-cuspid retainer was placed (using .0195" Wildcat wire) and the patient treatment SequenCe A Nance appliance for the upper arch was fabricated and delivered. At the same appointment, maxillary appliances were placed (.022" MBT prescription) along with mandibular appliances only on the first molars and first bicuspids. The maxillary first bicuspids and mandibular deciduous second molars were extracted. For the upper arch, the maxillary cuspids were retracted with lace backs on round wire as it was leveled through .016", .018", and .020" steel wires. For the lower arch, once the mandibular bicuspids and molars were leveled with rectangular .019" x .025" Cu NiTi sectional wires, the mandibular extraction spaces were closed using .018" x.025" sectional steel wires with a gable bend and power chains from the first bicuspids to the first molars. MAXILLARY OCCLUSAL PROFILE RELAXED SMILING MANDIBULAR OCCLUSAL RIGHT BUCCAL FRONTAL INTRAORAL LEFT BUCCAL SUMMER 2012 • PCSO Bulletin 39

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