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EDITORIAL he PCSO Bulletin will go completely online starting with the first issue in 2013. This decision was made by the PCSO Board of Directors at the PCSO Annual Session in 2011. The online magazine will have many features that that enhance the reader’s experience. Each article can be downloaded or emailed, issues will be archived and searchable. Readers can select a collection of Earl’s Pearls, the Case Reports, and other columns as desired. T T Bulletin Transition The publication will be usable, with apps that are convenient on your smart phone or tablet. If preferred, you can print out selected articles. The NewsWire continues to be issued monthly, will alert members when the quarterly PCSO Bulletin is posted, and will contain active links to specific articles and columns. We are working on converting one of our recent issues to the new format, so you will be able to test it out. It will be posted on soon. AAO House of Delegates T his year the HOD met at the AAO Annual Session in Honolulu. Delegates voted in a couple of important resolutions. First, consultants will be hired to review the government style of the AAO, looking at ways to improve efficiency and representation of members, and to control cost. The resolution is likely to bring knowledge of association experts to suggest improvements that may be major, such as the possibility of reducing the number of constituent societies, and changing the nature of the House of Delegates. The second issue of note was approving an AAO survey of recent graduates from orthodontic programs, to learn what kind of practice experiences they have had. These two resolutions had a price tag, and the HOD voted to instruct the Trustees to adjust expenses so that the dues would not be increased. The Board of Trustees came back to say they would forgo a scheduled increase in Trustee honorariums in order to balance the budget. This was hard for the HOD members to accept, as the work-flow requirements on the Trustees is extraordinary. So … the HOD then voted to increase dues by $5.00 to pay for the extra programs without penalizing the Trustees. — Gerald Nelson, DDS, PCSO Bulletin Editor S PCSO BuLLETIN • SuMMER 2012

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Summer 2012

President's Message
Executive Director's Letter
PCSO Business
AAOF Report
PCSO at a Glance
Practice Management Diary
Faculty Files
Correction to Faculty Files article, Spring 2012
Seasoned Practicioner's Corner
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Portrait of a Professional
From Good to Great in a Tough Economy
Three-Dimensional Volumetric Imaging: An Emerging Diagnostic Tool
Destination Success
Case Report Post-Treatment
Earl's Pearls

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Summer 2012