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PCSO BUSINESS TRUSTEE’S REPORT TO PCSO MAY 2012 By Dr. Robert Varner, AAO Trustee A financial priorities for the organization, loha from beautiful Hawaii! As the communicating the fiscal “state of the union” 112th AAO Annual Session wraps up, to the AAO House of Delegates, and considering I am pleased to send along an update new member programs and their impacts on of AAO business. While Hawaii is an unparthe AAO budget. I am proud to say that my alleled location for PCSO members to enjoy colleagues on the Budget Advisory Committee fun in the sun, it’s also a pretty good place Dr. Varner and every member of the Board of Trustees and to get work done. The AAO Board of Trustees House of Delegates demonstrated a high level and House of Delegates had a full schedule of diligence in evaluating how AAO dollars are spent on while here, and also appreciated having time to spend with behalf of our members. After ensuring that every program the over 14,000 doctor, staff and exhibitors who are attendand expense brings value to AAO members, the House ing the meeting. of Delegates approved a minimal dues increase of $5 The AAO Annual Session is the best opportunity for the per active u.S. member for the 2012–2013 dues year. This organization to accomplish its mission and update its incremental increase—about 0.5%—will fund expanded critical issues. Thanks to the hard work of the Annual research in several areas related to the newest members Session Planning Committee and the AAO Education of the orthodontic profession. The AAO would like to Department, the lecture series brings the highest level gather more specific data about how recent graduates of continuing education to our membership. And, each are transitioning to practice, and the challenges they year, the heart of AAO governance—the AAO House of are facing. The AAO would also like to study financial Delegates—meets to plan for the next year and beyond by programs to identify ways to support these members, who setting goals and priorities to improve benefits for our are the future of our profession. A small dues increase entire membership. now is likely to benefit these members and all of the AAO at a much higher level in the future. During our time in Hawaii, the AAO Board of Trustees took advantage of opportunities to meet with the many This year, I begin my three years as an officer of the AAO. other orthodontic leadership groups that attend the I was honored and humbled to be sworn in as the AAO meeting. Having time to meet with members of the boards Secretary-Treasurer for the upcoming year. I am fortunate of our sister societies in Canada, Australia and many to be following in the path of the many great leaders I have other countries helps build an international orthodontic worked with during my time as trustee, and will do my community. Discussing common issues with groups best to meet the high standard they have set. It will be an such as the American Board of Orthodontists, the World exciting year—not only for me, but for PCSO as the Board Federation of Orthodontists and others ensures that AAO selects a new trustee to begin the journey of service to the is working in partnership with the many stakeholders in AAO next year. I am sure the new trustee will be enriched, our profession. Not only does the Board address significant as I have been, by the many experiences and friends one and important issues at these meetings, it also builds makes while serving as the PCSO Trustee to the AAO relationships that form the basis for a strong, united voice Board of Trustees. for orthodontists around the world. This year, I was chair of the AAO Budget Advisory Committee, which plays a key role in determining the S SuMMER 2012 • PCSO BuLLETIN 5

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Three-Dimensional Volumetric Imaging: An Emerging Diagnostic Tool
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