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AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ORTHODONTISTS FOUNDATION the AAO FOUNDATION AWARDS P rior to the mid-December deadline, a total of 36 AAO Foundation Award proposals had been submitted, requesting an aggregate of just under $1 million in funding. A total of $650,000 had been budgeted. The following represents the types of proposals invited: * * * Junior Faculty Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Awards (OFDFA) o Postdoctoral Fellowship Award (PFA) o Biomedical Research Awards (BRA) o o Residents and Part-Time Faculty Research Aid Awards (RA) o Collaborative Awards Center Awards (CA) Among the projects funded for 2014 were three from the PCSO: * OFDFA o Kiho "Kyle" Lee, University of California Los Angeles * o BRA Christine Hong, University of California Los Angeles o Rodrigo F. Viecilli, Loma Linda University School of Dentistry Funding for 2015 was approved as follows: * An aggregate of $715,000, i.e., an increase of 10 percent over the 2014 aggregate, in keeping with the Board's aspiration to increase the Awards Program by 10 percent annually. * The number of awards within each category to be determined by the number and quality of proposals: o Junior/Mid-Career Faculty 10 report * Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Awards (OFDFA) * Postdoctoral Fellowship Award (PFA) * Biomedical Research Awards (BRA) o o Center Awards (CA) Research Aid Awards (RA) The Directors expect to receive a revised proposal for Stage Three funding for the AAO Foundation Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collections Project ( Among the participating collections are two from within PCSO: * Mathews Growth-University of the Pacific, Sheldon Baumrind * Oregon Growth-University of Oregon, David Covell AAO BRANDING AND RESEARCH INITIATIVE A t the November conferencecall meeting of the AAOF BOD, the Directors took steps to further integrate the Foundation into the overall AAO Branding Effort, with new printed materials and a revised website expected to be available and in use shortly after the 2014 AAO Annual Session in New Orleans. The ReSeaRCh initiative, the previously announced campaign to help ensure that the very best orthodontic research in the world takes place in graduate orthodontic residency programs in the U.S. and Canada, will remain the focus of the organization's fundraising efforts, and this new branding look will be reflected in those materials as well. (See the flier below for more information, including how you can be a part of this important effort.) KEYSTONE SOCIETY M embers of the Foundation's Keystone Society are those individuals who have made a Continued Commitment to the SpeCialty® by including the AAOF in their estate plans. A total of 359 AAO Members have become Keystone Society members, including 123 of those who are also members of the Schulman Study Group. This represents an increase of more than 50 percent in Keystone Society membership, and SSG members now constitute one-third of all Keystone Society members. The Foundation encourages all of us to speak to our alumni group members, study club members and others within the orthodontic community to encourage them to become AAOF Keystones. FOR MORE INFORMATION T he AAO Foundation website may be reached either through the AAO Members' website (www. or directly at www. If you have any questions, please call Robert Hazel, AAOF EVP, at (800) 4242841, ext. 546 (, or myself, at your convenience. AND LASTLY... T hanks to PCSO for allowing me the privilege of serving as your director to the AAOF. These four years have passed quickly, and we are fortunate to have Terrie Yoshikane of Encinitas, CA ready to assume the director's duties following the AAO Annual Session in New Orleans. Tight lines... - Thomas R. Bales PCSO Representative to the AAO Foundation Board of Directors PCSO BULLETIN * SUMMER 2014

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Summer 2014

The Big Easy: Not Always So Easy
About the PCSO Mission Statement
AAO Trustee Report
PCSO Business
AAO Council on Scientific Affairs (COSA) Report
Component Reports
PCSO at a Glance
AAOF Report
Decrease Stress and Increase Volume
Resident Spotlight: Loma Linda School of Dentistry Postgraduate Orthodontic Program
Younger Member Spotlight: Dr. Melissa Bailey
Third Molar Protocols
Editorial: Special Section
PCSO Program Talk: Orthodontic Residency Programs and the Use of TADs
Case Report: Pre-Treatment
Faculty Files: TADs in Orthodontics: A Review
Seasoned Practitioner's Corner: Dr. Terry McDonald Interviews Dr. Michael Chaffee on TADs
Case Report: Post-Treatment
Pearls of the Pacific: Instant Edentulous Anchorage
Portrait of a Professional: Dr. Earl S. Johnson
Sweet Farewell: Retainers and Retention
In Memory: Dr. Burton Littleton Fletcher

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Summer 2014