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pcso business AAO TRUSTEE REPORT By Norman J. Nagel, DDS, MS, AAO Trustee I attended the AAO House of Delegates in April with a strong sense of the familiar and a healthy curiosity. I've been in the "House" many times - as a PCSO Delegate, as a delegate Dr. Nagel chair, and as an AAO Council representative. This was my first year attending as a trustee. In fact, this meeting wrapped up my first year as AAO Trustee, and so I'd like to share my insights gleaned during this first year. My experience as an engaged PCSO and AAO member has been wide and deep. I've served my component society, the California Association of Orthodontists, as well as PCSO and the AAO, for many years and in many capacities. Through the years, I've been impressed by the quality of my colleagues and the commitment each has shown. All of the committee, council, board, and delegation meetings I have attended served me well as I entered this new level of involvement. Although much about serving on the Board of Trustees (BOT) is the same as serving on other bodies, much is different, too. Here are a few things I've noticed. The BOT enjoys a broad perspective on issues facing AAO members. Input to the BOT is plentiful - each trustee is able to consider information and advice from all AAO Councils, AAO staff, their constituent members, and the other trustees, who receive input from various councils and members as well. At times, there is a bit of information overload, but the trustees have ample opportunity to discuss, investigate, and seek out solutions to complex issues. The meetings of the BOT are generally longer and more frequent than those of other leadership groups on which I've served. Having adequate time is essential to ensuring that decisions are made in the best interest of all AAO members. Being a leader is more about advising than deciding. The trustee works closely with his or her constituent board and delegation. In these meetings, my job is to bring information and context about the general environment in order to help constituent leaders make sound decisions that will serve their members well and integrate with the programs and activities of the national organization. At times, it is a challenge to provide information in an unbiased manner and to make sure I act as an advisor - not as the final decider or approver of decisions. Luckily, working with PCSO leaders makes it easy to step into a supporting position as trustee. I can say that providing helpful information to these groups is one of the best parts of my work in this position. Trustee is a position that evolves. The most important thing I have learned in my first year as trustee is that I'm looking forward to a few more years to gain knowledge, serve members, and work with trustees and their constituents throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our work this year culminated at the House of Delegates, where decisions critical to the future of our specialty were made. Among those decisions were: A change to the term of office for AAO Board of Trustee members, in order to provide a greater number of leadership opportunities on the board. Effective this year, the Immediate Past President will no longer serve on the Board of Trustees. An updated definition of Medically Necessary Orthodontic Health Care, which provides contemporary information to patients, providers, and third-party payers. Confirmation that we will move forward with an emerging leaders' conference, as well as leadership training, that will engage members interested in organized orthodontics and provide the tools they need to enhance their leadership skills and abilities. Referrals to Task Forces regarding an electronic mentorship program aimed at newer members, as well as the question of the specific information that should appear on the "Find an Orthodontist" locator on This debate was precipitated by concern that the ABO Diplomate designator on the site might convey information to the public in a manner that was not intended when the locator function was developed. Both of these task forces will meet in the near future to address their charges. My first year as a trustee has brought both expected and unexpected challenges and rewards. I look forward to continuing to serve all AAO members in this capacity, while remaining close to the work of PCSO and its leaders. It is the best of both worlds! S 6 PCSO BULLETIN * SUMMER 2014

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Seasoned Practitioner's Corner: Dr. Terry McDonald Interviews Dr. Michael Chaffee on TADs
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Portrait of a Professional: Dr. Earl S. Johnson
Sweet Farewell: Retainers and Retention
In Memory: Dr. Burton Littleton Fletcher

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