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pcso business AAO COUNCIL ON SCIENTIFIC AFFAIRS (COSA) REPORT Submitted by Dr. David Covell, Jr., PCSO Representative T he Council on Scientific Affairs (COSA) held a meeting on April 25, 2014, at the AAO Annual Session. The purpose of this meeting was to review COSA members' assignments for the 2014 Annual Session. During Dr. Covell, Jr. the Annual Session, COSA members judged two competitions: (1) 27 Charley Schultz Resident Scholar presentations and (2) 52 table clinic presentations. Results of the judging are listed below. COSA members also moderated 28 oral research presentations during the Annual Session, and 355 E-Posters were available for viewing. Applications are being accepted for the 2015 Milo Hellman Research Award, the Harry Sicher Research Award, and the Thomas M. Graber Awards of Special Merit. Applications for these awards can be found on the 2015 Annual Session website (click on the Awards and Competition tab): https:// Only applications submitted online will be accepted for these awards. The application deadline is October 1, 2014. Starting the first week of August 2014, COSA will be accepting online applications to present Oral Research, Table Clinics, and E-Posters at the 2015 AAO Annual Session in San Francisco, CA. The application deadline is October 15, 2014. The COSA chair for 2014-2015 is Dr. Shannon Owens. COSA's next meeting is January 7, 2015, to be held via video conferencing. 2014 Charley Schultz Resident Scholar Award Winners Basic Science Research Category 1st place-Nicole Cheng (University of California, Los Angeles): Optimal timing of bisphosphonate treatment on alveolar cleft bone grafting ABO INSTALLS DR. STEVEN DUGONI AS SEC.-TREASURER T he American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) installed PCSO member Dr. Steven Dugoni of South San Francisco, Calif., as secretary-treasurer April 29 during the ABO President's Dinner. This event was held in conjunction with the 2014 Annual Session of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) in New Orleans, LA. The other officers of the ABO are Dr. Paul Castelein of Princeton, Ill., president; and Dr. Eladio DeLeon Jr. of Augusta, Ga., president-elect. Dr. Marvin Kastrop of Billings, Mont., is the immediate past president. SUMMER 2014 * PCSO BULLETIN 2nd place-Rebecca Chen (Harvard University): Genetic deactivation of TGF-β1 signaling attenuates articular cartilage degeneration in mature joints 3rd place-Richard Uhlir (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): Biomechanical characterization of the periodontal ligament: Orthodontic tooth movement Clinical Research Category 1st place-Cole Weaver (University of Iowa): Candidate gene analyses of 3D dental phenotypes in patients with malocclusion 2nd place-Neha Patel (University of Florida): Effect of aligner material and duration on orthodontic tooth movement 3rd place-Ahmed Ghoneima (Indiana University - Purdue University): Assessment of the reliability of dental measurements using the OrthoMechanics Sequential Analyzer 2014 Joseph E. Johnson Clinical Award For Table Clinics Winners Nancy Huynh Le (University of Florida): Exosomes: Novel markers of resorbing osteoclasts Junichi Watahiki (Aqua Nihombashi Dental Clinic, Tokyo, Japan): Fundamental studies describing the reconsideration of functional orthopedic appliances for mandibular condyle Karolina Kaczor-Urbanowicz (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel): Saliva proteome analysis toward diagnosis of orthodontically induced inflammatory root resorption Each ABO director represents one of the eight constituent organizations of the AAO and serves an eightyear term, which culminates in Dr. Dugoni the position of the president. The ABO directors are responsible for establishing policy with regard to the board certification of specialists in orthodontics. During his tenure as an ABO director, Dr. Dugoni has represented the PCSO. "Serving on the American Board of Orthodontics has been extremely S rewarding because I have an opportunity to work with extraordinary ABO directors who are dedicated to elevating the level of orthodontic care," Dr. Dugoni said. "I enjoy examining very talented orthodontists and discussing their quality orthodontic care. As director, I have had an opportunity to visit orthodontic programs throughout the PCSO, and it is very satisfying to see residents and educators working together on preparation for the ABO Initial Certification Examination. In the coming years, I look forward to working closely with my fellow directors to promote board certification both nationally and internationally." S 7

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Summer 2014

The Big Easy: Not Always So Easy
About the PCSO Mission Statement
AAO Trustee Report
PCSO Business
AAO Council on Scientific Affairs (COSA) Report
Component Reports
PCSO at a Glance
AAOF Report
Decrease Stress and Increase Volume
Resident Spotlight: Loma Linda School of Dentistry Postgraduate Orthodontic Program
Younger Member Spotlight: Dr. Melissa Bailey
Third Molar Protocols
Editorial: Special Section
PCSO Program Talk: Orthodontic Residency Programs and the Use of TADs
Case Report: Pre-Treatment
Faculty Files: TADs in Orthodontics: A Review
Seasoned Practitioner's Corner: Dr. Terry McDonald Interviews Dr. Michael Chaffee on TADs
Case Report: Post-Treatment
Pearls of the Pacific: Instant Edentulous Anchorage
Portrait of a Professional: Dr. Earl S. Johnson
Sweet Farewell: Retainers and Retention
In Memory: Dr. Burton Littleton Fletcher

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Summer 2014