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Technology: Changing the look of recruitment It's hard to imagine life without technology. It's a part of everyone's lives and is something most of us take for granted. Filing cabinets have been replaced with computers; cells phones and blackberries are used for communicating; emails are sent more than letters; and web cams are no longer the gimmick they once used to be. Technology is changing the way we do business. Kelowna-based Everest Recruitment is one company that embraces technology to enhance their offering to clients. “Technology is used significantly at Everest Recruitment in our day to day operations,” says Moya Webb, President and Corporate Recruiter. “Our sophisticated Recruitment Management System tracks every application, every document and every contact received from candidates and clients; it is crucial to our operations. It allows us to consistently provide the high levels of customer service that our clients and candidates have come to expect.” The system used at Everest Recruitment is unique, having been developed in-house by Everest Recruitment's IT department. The advanced tool allows staff to record candidate’s skills, abilities and job preferences, which can then be searched and filtered to match client's requirements. “By automating as many processes as possible,” says Webb “we are able to significantly reduce the time spent on the administrative side of recruitment, allowing us more time to concentrate on what we do best – finding candidates that meet our client's requirements.” The technology doesn't stop there for Everest. “Instead of handwriting notes on paper in our By Everest Recruitment interviews and meetings we use portable Tablet PCs that allows us to write with a digital pen onto the screen, and save the notes instantly. This cuts down on the amount of typing-up we have to do, and also removes the risk of losing important documents,” says Webb. As a result of technological changes, Everest has also had to adjust their way of thinking when it comes to recruitment activities. “We were once able to place an advert in the local newspaper and be sure to receive numerous applicants,” says Webb. “Now we are moving away from print advertising and concentrating more on on-line advertising to attract candidates. We even have Facebook and LinkedIn profiles!” Despite the countless benefits that technology brings, there is no danger of it replacing recruitment consultants in the near future. "There are definite limitations that technology has when it comes to recruitment," says Webb. "Nothing can replace the human-touch that is needed to find the best people for our client's positions. It's not just about finding people with the right skills, experience and competencies, it's also about ensuring there is the right fit between our client's organization and the successful candidate.” Moya Webb is President of Everest Recruitment Inc. Everest Recruitment actively recruits for many of the Okanagan’s leading companies, using their expertise and technology to provide a high quality service to both candidates and employers. She can be reached at 250 762 9940 or by email MoyaWebb@EverestRecruitment.com. Visit us on the web at: www.EverestRecruitment.com “By automating as many processes as possible, we are able to significantly reduce the time spent on the administrative side of recruitment, allowing us more time to concentrate on what we do best – finding candidates that meet our client's requirements.” http://www.EverestRecruitment.com http://www.EverestRecruitment.com

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