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Ten Golden Rules of Lugging your Luggage! | B Y DR. EL IZABETH EASTE RLI NG D C You’re late getting to the airport, and you’re dragging that ridiculously large suitcase to the trunk of your car. Then you heave it in. Only the next heaving sound is your gasp as the sharp pain in your back takes your breath away, and you cannot move. If this is something you have experienced, you are not alone. Many travellers every year strain their backs, shoulders or necks from incorrect lifting of luggage. Here are ten golden rules to remember when it comes to packing, lifting and transporting your luggage safely during your travels: 1. Pack Light. Most of us tend to pack about twice as much stuff as we need. 2. Choose a suitcase on wheels. Carrying your luggage is an unnecessary strain on your shoulders and back. 3. If you are travelling with a backpack, the heaviest items should be packed at hip level. 4. DO NOT bend, lift and twist to get your heavy suitcase into the trunk. This is a classic way to cause a disc herniation, not a fun thing to experience. Instead place your suitcase up close to the trunk of your car, face it straight on, bend your knees and hips keeping your back straight and lift from the bottom of the suitcase. Slide the suitcase over the edge of the trunk and ease it in. 5. Always use a luggage cart if available. 6. Don’t be lazy. Carry less and make a couple of extra trips with your luggage. 7. Don’t rush when you are negotiating your luggage, especially when you are tired. 8. Avoid putting heavy bags across your shoulder. Necks as well as shoulders can easily be strained this way. 9. Have a carry-on that is nice and compact, and easy to manoeuvre. 10. Make sure you schedule a visit to your chiropractor for when you get back from your trip! n ©istockphoto.com/Gary Martin For more information: Dr. Elizabeth Easterling DC Creative Healing #7-1551 Sutherland Ave, Kelowna, BC Tel: 250-868-2010 E-mail: drlizeasterling@shaw.ca KELOWNA | AT THE GRAND OKANAGAN | 250.860.9467 | lakecitycasinos.com KELOWNA PENTICTON VERNON 250.763.6566 250.493.6l6l 250.545.98ll FALL 2008 23 http://www.istockphoto.com/Gary http://briggs-riley.com http://www.lakecitycasinos.com http://www.lakecitycasinos.com

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Airport Services
Building for the Future
Eyes on the Sky
Winter Destinations Announced!
A Brand New Way of Life
YLW's Environmental Initiatives
Runway Extension: Multiple Benefits
Ready to Hit the Slopes?
Airport Growth Across the Country
Technology:Changing the Look of Recruitment
Ten Golden Rules of Lugging your Luggage
Let's Get Technical:iFIDS
The Changing Dynamic of Air Travel
Trivia & Games

YLW Connection - Fall 2008