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YLW News A Parking and Pricing Strategy which will be announced later this fall. This project began in September and is expected to be completed by the Christmas Travel Season. Over the next two years, Kelowna International Airport is investing $36 million to expand facilities to meet the growing demand as passenger numbers are forecast to grow to 1.6 million passengers in 2015. Drivers to the airport are reminded, due to security requirements, vehicles cannot be parked in the active passenger loading and unloading zone area and vehicles that do so will be ticketed and/or towed. n CRIME FIGHTING TEAM irport Operations Specialists’ (AOS) Greg Bowman, Barb Haley and Peter Mazar (picture below, l-r) were presented with a certificate of appreciation from the Kelowna Detachment RCMP and Superintendent Bill McKinnon for their efforts in apprehending a suspected car thief. The police chased the thief from a residential area when he crashed the stolen vehicle he was driving near the airport and proceeded on foot. The suspect was observed by the airport’s surveillance cameras and through the quick action of the three AOS’ they were able to apprehend him and hold him for police custody. n features an assortment of wooden apples, former teaching tools from packinghouse schools where local men and women learned how to pack apples properly in wooden crates for shipment across Canada and the world. A third exhibit presents military artefacts and documents, such as military-issued dried food packets and firstaid kits. These exhibits give a glimpse into the collections of the Kelowna Museums and tell just a piece of our cultural, agricultural, and military history. For more of the story, come visit us downtown in the heart of Kelowna’s Cultural District or visit us online at www.KelownaMuseums.ca. n Horizon Air First Phase of Airport Development Program Begins Kelowna Museums launch three new exhibits at the Kelowna Airport | B Y RI STI N Y K I FO R U K H E K elowna International Airport (YLW) is preparing for its terminal expansion, which will include a new two storey International terminal, by digging into the first phase of the project — parking and road improvements. “The improvements which include paved vehicle parking, additional metered parking and extended bus and shuttle parking are all part of the ground work that needs to take place before the terminal expansion begins,” says Assistant Airport General Manager Dave Fuller. In addition to the parking and road improvements Airport staff is preparing a Demand Management very artefact tells a story, and among the collections of the Kelowna Museums there are countless stories waiting to be told. The exhibit cases in the departure lounge at the Kelowna International Airport offer the perfect opportunity to showcase artefacts from the collection and tell their stories. Curatorial staff worked closely with airport personnel to secure the three display areas and install the exhibits. One exhibit takes a look at Kelowna over the years, through the pages of the Daily Courier. An old newspaper article about the Kelowna Regatta is accompanied by an old-fashioned bathing suit and archival photographs, memorabilia from the heyday of the Regatta when the city’s summer social scene centered on the lake. Another exhibit orizon Air and the Alaska Air group are pleased to move to a 76 seat Q400 aircraft configuration for all Kelowna flights effective this August. The Q400, the most fuel efficient regional airliner in the world will provide the Okanagan the most comfortable and fastest service to all of the Alaska Air Groups new vacation destinations via their super hub in Seattle. The Alaska Air group is now flying to 4 of the Hawaiian Islands and expanded service to Mexico from Seattle in addition to flying the most service of any airline to the most popular west coast USA destinations. Horizon Air recently celebrated the retirement of former Station Manager, Maureen Hanak early this spring. Douglas Torkelson is now the new Station Manager effective May 2008. Doug brings over 20 years of airline, 28 YLW CONNECTION http://www.KelownaMuseums.ca

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