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TRIVIA & GAMES Las Vegas San Diego A Calgary Cancun Los Angeles San Francisco I Charlottetown Los Cabos Seattle Miami St Johns R Comox Edmonton Moncton New York P Fredericton Montreal Toronto Nanaimo Vancouver O Halifax Hamilton Ottawa Victoria R Honolulu Quebec City Whitehorse Regina Winnipeg T Kelowna WORDSEARCH Created @ www.armoredpenguin.com Did you know? • Airport runway construction took place between February and October 2008 • Construction hours 11pm to 6am six nights a week • 11,466 hours to complete the project • 37, 500 cubic metres of soil moved for the project • 20,000 sq. feet of asphalt used to pave the runway extension • 125 cubic metres of asphalt grindings reused to make a maintenance road 400 linear metres long, 4 metres wide • 380 lights installed along the 8900 foot runway (2 712.72 meters) www.sudoku-puzzles.net SUDOKU To play: Each row and column must have the numbers from 1 to 9 represented. Each number can appear only once in each row and column as well as each 3 x 3 square. • cost of the completed project $8 million • Patience and understanding of our airport neighbours during the night-time construction – Priceless! 30 YLW CONNECTION http://www.armoredpenguin.com http://www.sudoku-puzzles.net

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Accelerate Communications - YLW Connection - Fall 2008
Airport Services
Building for the Future
Eyes on the Sky
Winter Destinations Announced!
A Brand New Way of Life
YLW's Environmental Initiatives
Runway Extension: Multiple Benefits
Ready to Hit the Slopes?
Airport Growth Across the Country
Technology:Changing the Look of Recruitment
Ten Golden Rules of Lugging your Luggage
Let's Get Technical:iFIDS
The Changing Dynamic of Air Travel
Trivia & Games

YLW Connection - Fall 2008