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Kelowna International Airport – Building for the Future | B Y T R AC E Y FR ED R I CKS O N K elowna International Airport has come a long way since the original facility opened in 1946 on 320 acres with just a small terminal building and a 3000 foot grass runway. The City of Kelowna, under a succession of mayors, ensured funding for continuous expansion and development of the airport over the years. By 1997, it had become one of the fastest-growing airports in North America. Passenger traffic grew at a phenomenal rate of 53 percent between 2004 and 2007, and 1.4 million passengers are expected to go through the facility in 2008. Passenger volume through YLW is expected to grow significantly to between 1.8 and 2.9 million by 2025. “This is a pivotal point in the airport’s history as we transition from a continental to an intercontinental airport,” says YLW General Manager Sam Samaddar. “At the same time, efforts are directed at maintaining a ‘business as usual’ environment for day-to-day travelers as construction takes place.” Runway Expansion Following several extensions over the years, the current expansion project will see the runway extended from 7,300 to 8,900 feet by the end of October, 2008. A major benefit to the longer runway will be the ability to accommodate larger aircraft including carriers that travel to and from Europe as well as provide appropriate taxiways needed for the safe and efficient movement of larger, heavier aircraft. The extension also means more business for the local aerospace industry such as Kelowna Flightcraft through the ability to attract and service larger planes. Passenger traffic grew at a phenomenal rate of 53 percent between 2004 and 2007, with 1.4 million passengers expected to go through the facility by the end of 2008. Departures and Arrivals Areas Expansion The spring of 2008 saw significant improvements to the departure areas at YLW including a larger “well-wishing” area at the south end of the terminal and a new pre-board screening area. One hundred and twenty seats were added to the departures lounge as well as a wine store, new children’s play area, and a fullservice restaurant. Construction of the new International Arrivals area will start in late 2010 resulting in an 80,000 square foot facility on two levels, doubling the size of the current Air Terminal Building. The Customs facility will be increased from its current processing capacity of 135 to 250 passengers, and two additional loading bridges will be in place. Parking and Road Improvements By the end of 2008, short and long-term Desmond Murray Airport General Manager Sam Samaddar parking will be expanded significantly. Short-term parking will be doubled from 321 to 621 stalls, and an additional 740 paved parking stalls will be added to the long-term lot. Future parking will also accommodate highway and transit buses, a reflection of the growth in international travelers through Kelowna. The economic spin-offs from the airport expansion to the community are, and will continue to be significant, points out Samaddar. An estimated 3,000 jobs will be created by 2015 resulting in over $525 million in economic output. n FALL 2008 5

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