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Pregnancy & Travel | B Y D R . E L IZ A B E T H E A S T E RLING DC B eing pregnant can certainly present its own discomforts let alone traveling while pregnant. Between a sore back, shoulder tension, sciatica or swollen ankles traveling may seem like a nightmare. Here are a few tips that might ease things somewhat: • Ask for help lifting luggage. Ligaments in pregnancy become more lax and sprain/strain injuries are easier to sustain. • Hydrate well 24 hours prior to travel. Dehydration may cause headaches, fatigue and increase ankle swelling. • Eat regular snacks to maintain blood-sugar levels. Fruit, nut and seeds are excellent sources of carbohydrates and proteins. • Use a pillow behind the small of your back for support. • Donut shaped pillows can help relieve tail-bone pain (coccydynia). • Get an aisle seat - bathroom visits may be frequent! • Do these exercises every 20 minutes: *Pelvic tilts: Do sitting or standing. Push the small of your back into the seat while tilting your pubic bone up and forward. Hold for 5 seconds. *Turn head from side to side and gently bring head back to separating ear and shoulder. Then roll shoulder back and forward. *Keep toes on the floor and pump heel up and down. This helps with ankle/leg circulation. Chiropractic care can benefit pregnancy right up until delivery. n For more information: Dr. Elizabeth Easterling DC Creative Healing #7-1551 Sutherland Ave, Kelowna, BC Tel: 250-868-2010 E-mail: drlizeasterling@shaw.ca www.creativehealing.ca Bring In Your Recent Boarding Pass To Receive $20 OFF Big White Silver Star 250.448.8899 Coast Capri Hotel Lake Okanagan Resort 1.866.548.8899 Borgata Lodge Quail Ridge Summerland Waterfront Resort www.beyondwrapture.com KELOWNA PENTICTON VERNON 250.763.6566 250.493.6l6l 250.545.98ll 24 YLW CONNECTION http://www.creativehealing.ca http://www.biggsriley.com http://www.biggsriley.com http://www.beyondwrapture.com http://www.beyondwrapture.com

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YLW Connection - Winter 2009
Airport Services
Customer Survey Shows YLW on Track
Las Vegas - The To-Do List That Never Ends
Winter Maintenance: Snow Removal 24/7
Kelowna's Largest Tim Hortons Lands at YLW
Air Canada - Connecting Kelowna to the World
Air Travel Etiquette
Staying Ahead of the Curve at YLW
Airport Ambassadors Make Dreams Come True
Dream Big
Advisory Committee Helps Chart Flight Plan for Kelowna International
Growing a Creative Okanagan Economy
Pregnancy & Travel
Flying Securely
YLW News
Trivia & Games

YLW Connection - Winter 2009