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Trivia & Games Did you know? • 29, 238 litres of de-icing fluid (known as type I) was used during the month of December 2007* • De-icing fluid removes all snow and ice off the aircraft • Once sprayed, the fluid sits on the wings like a membrane and as the plane lifts off the ground the membrane peels off taking the ice and dirt with it • The chemical composition of de-icing fluid is basically the same stuff you find in your can of Coca Cola • De-icing fluid is biodegradable • 8,398 litres of anti-icing fluid (known as Type IV) was used during the month of December 2007 • Anti-icing fluid prevents snow and ice from sticking to aircraft wings • Anti-icing is water soluble • 250 aircraft required de-icing and/or anti-icing during December 2007 • Airplanes may require one of these sprays as early as the end of September and as late until the first week of May (* at the time of printing December 2008 stats were not complete) SUDOKU To play: Each row and column must have the numbers from 1 to 9 represented. Each number can appear only once in each row and column as well as each 3 x 3 square. www.sudoku-puzzles.net Airport Wordsearch Ambassador Arrival Attendant Boarding Business Car Rental Check-in Connection Deicing Delay Created @ www.armoredpenguin.com Luggage On Time Parking Pilot Radar Runway Screening Security Shuttle Status Terminal Tracking Turbulence Waypoint Wireless Departure Destination Early Economy Electronic 30 YLW CONNECTION http://www.sudoku-puzzles.net http://www.armoredpenguin.com

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YLW Connection - Winter 2009
Airport Services
Customer Survey Shows YLW on Track
Las Vegas - The To-Do List That Never Ends
Winter Maintenance: Snow Removal 24/7
Kelowna's Largest Tim Hortons Lands at YLW
Air Canada - Connecting Kelowna to the World
Air Travel Etiquette
Staying Ahead of the Curve at YLW
Airport Ambassadors Make Dreams Come True
Dream Big
Advisory Committee Helps Chart Flight Plan for Kelowna International
Growing a Creative Okanagan Economy
Pregnancy & Travel
Flying Securely
YLW News
Trivia & Games

YLW Connection - Winter 2009