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Las Vegas News Bureau LAS VEGAS – The to-do list that never ends | B Y E MILY SHUTTLEWORTH & EDITH HANGAI T he Las Vegas strip is probably one of the most famous streets in the world, and there is something special, something awe-inspiring, about gradually descending into that haze of neon. Well, perhaps the haze was just our blurry eyes on the midnight flight from Kelowna, but it’s still a magnificent sight. Las Vegas – one glimpse and we were bouncing in our seats with excitement. Thanks to an unfortunate fire at our original hotel we were upgraded to the Mandalay Bay Hotel, at the southern end of the strip. This 3-pronged golden emblem of the hotel world caught our eyes as soon as we landed. How could it not, it’s practically sitting on the runway. Inside was breathtaking; this was a place of style, alive even at 2am. It even smelled fantastic. Fast forward a few hours (and we mean a few) and we were ready to tackle Vegas. Our first goal was to find our way off the strip. That posed a problem because life in Vegas seems to revolve around the strip. So here’s a tip – if you want to venture into the city do your research before you leave the convenience of your home computer. That is, if you even want to leave the strip. There are enough attractions to keep you perfectly busy for a few days. That plan having been abandoned we whipped out our to-do list and set out in earnest. There are some great gems on the strip so plan out what you want to do and do it! One of our favorites was the dolphin habitat hidden behind The Mirage. They are a research facility, so you aren’t going to see any planned “shows” but you literally can sit on the pool wall and watch the dolphins swim beside you. It’s magical, and not very busy. Going inside every hotel was on our list, although we got a little tired of traipsing through smoky noisy casinos. Each hotel has a unique smell, and it was quite fun deciding on our favourites. They also have spectacular décor, especially the Wynn and Bellagio. Every hotel boasts a multitude of restaurants, from McDonalds to internationally renowned roof top restaurants. Acting on the advice of a friend, we went to the Paris Buffet (in the Paris hotel). For only $26 (US) we ate one of the best meals we’ve ever had. The buffet features food from all over France, a stellar dessert bar, costumed servers, and country inspired décor. Should we make it back to Vegas (and we plan to) we will definitely return to the Paris Buffet at least once. We crammed so many other things into our 3 day stay; including time by the pool (even in February the weather was fantastic), a show (another Vegas must), and even an Imax movie. We had a great time just walking around and looking at the over-the-top splendor of it all and picking out all of the “Vegas clichés” (married by Elvis anyone?). Old Vegas is a must; visit the Golden Nugget and watch the street performers. And of course, there are the casinos. You honestly can’t avoid them. As the plane took off from Vegas, late on Sunday night, we both felt more than content with what we’d accomplished. It was fun, it was busy, and it was an awesome experience. Now all we had to do was sit back, relax, and enjoy the short 2-1/2 hour Westjet flight home. Nice cabin pressure! n WINTER 2009 7

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YLW Connection - Winter 2009
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YLW Connection - Winter 2009