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President's messaGe mark blInch, ImaGe arts '06 students benefit from cross-cultural experience, and see a broad diversity in the campus that helps them become citizens of the world. WHY INCLUSION MATTERS A DIVERSE CAMPUS COMMUNITY ENRICHES RESEARCH, TEACHING AND LEARNING BY MOHAMED LACHEMI i t is a privilege to reach out to alumni as Ryerson's new president and vice-chancellor. I am excited to have the opportunity to serve, and look forward to sharing ideas, plans and progress. Diversity is the theme of this issue, and as I was writing this column, we received some wonderful news on that very topic: Ratna Omidvar, executive director of Ryerson's Global Diversity Exchange and chair of Lifeline Syria, has been named to the Senate of Canada by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The seven new independent appointments are intended to focus on the issues of Canadians and reflect our nation's diversity - Ratna is a brilliant choice. My goal over the next few months is to explore diversity in all its aspects at Ryerson. Over my 18 years at Ryerson, and most recently as provost and interim president, I have met many students and alumni, faculty and staff, and members of the broader community. Each of them brings a special spark to the university and deserves respect and support. These interactions motivate me to follow four core values: the value of the student experience; the value of talented faculty and staff; the rising value of the Ryerson degree for alumni; and the value of strategic partnerships. For alumni in particular, as Ryerson's reputation rises, the value of your degree increases exponentially. My goal is to ramp up the visibility and engagement of alumni as a group. At leading universities around the world, alumni are a passionate and significant factor in university development, strong ambassadors for their alma mater, and especially loyal to their academic programs and classmates. Our relationship with you is important and in my first column it is this message I want you to remember. Wherever you are in the world, you are close to Ryerson in spirit. All the very best and thank you for all the ways you make Ryerson great. n S U M M E R 2016 * ryerson university Magazine 3

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Ryerson Alumni - Summer 2016