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sbr064-1-43.qxp 11/16/2006 8:18 AM Page 10 gumbo portabiliTEA The RealiTEA Teabags Bulk is fresh loose tea in a bag. Packaged in portable bags, preparing tea becomes easy for hectic times. The teas are available in 19 varieties with more to come! Twenty-five teabags are neatly packaged in an air-tight metal tin. www.adagio.com. $10 teaTime PHOTOGRAPHY THIS PAGE, TOP TO BOTTOM: ADAGIO, DEAN AND DELUCA, BODUM USA, REPUBLIC OF TEA. NEXT PAGE, TOP TO BOTTOM: REPUBLIC OF TEA, DEAN AND DELUCA, NOVA 68 Tea's not just for the queen anymore B R E W E R DE FORCE Eva Solo's tea brewer features a patented filter system that stops the infusion at the optimal brewing point. The award-winning design, drip-free pouring lip, and automatic flip-top lid also comes equipped with a neoprene, zip-up tea-shirt to keep things hot. One 32-oz. brewer and cover; two 8-oz. tumblers. www.deandeluca.com. $100 press on The Marcel Glass Tea Press with stainless steel filter is just one of the Bodum items a tea lover can choose from. The chrome-colored premium pick tea press comes in various sizes and at an The Republic of Tea has come up with unique flavors for every taste bud. affordable price. www.bodumusa.com. $49.95 The J. Garcia Teas feature a variety of flavors including Magic Herb, Spirit of Sage, Shady Grown Tea, Jerry Cherry Tea, and Morning Brew Tea. www.republicoftea.com. Teas available $10 each 10 souther nbreeze.com http://www.adagio.com http://www.deandeluca.com http://www.bodumusa.com http://www.republicoftea.com

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of 2006 Southern Breeze Winter Issue

Editor's Letter
Words & Notes
Coastal Calendar
Storefronts - Hybrid Theory
Sweet Dreams - Tres Chic
Art of Living - To Dye For
Fixtures - Pillow Talk
Our Backyard - Coastal Sunrise
Make Yourself at Home - Office Space
Are We There Yet?
Dinner is Served!
Winning Steak
Painting to the Music
Cheers - Loco for SoCo
Reader Services
Dish - Fiesta!
Chef's Table - Sushi by the Seashore
Let's Eat - Tongues Afire!
Last Bite

2006 Southern Breeze Winter Issue