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sbr064-1-43.qxp 11/16/2006 8:29 AM Page 28 home OUR BACKYARD Coastal Sunrise Growing tropicals in your backyard and the tough-as-nails flowers for the South will keep your garden colorful all winter. T he winter weather is perfect along the Gulf Coast for a dazzling array of flowers. While we do relish our palms or the large colorful hibis- cus of the warm season, it may be flowers like pansies or dianthus that truly make a s t o r y and lasting memory. photography by In keeping with the spirit of the region, two N O R M A N WINTER flowers you might want to consider is the coastal sunrise mix or ocean breeze mix two new colors in the hot matrix series of pansies. Matrix Coastal Sunrise Mix These are large flowered pansies offering land- right Matrix Ocean Breeze scapes plenty of pizzazz. Mix below The first time I saw the coastal sunrise pansies, their beauty stunned me. I felt an inability to describe their colors that include shades of blue, Norman is a frequent rose, peach, and creamy yellow. The ocean garden lecturer and author breeze mix is made up of various shades of blue, of Mississippi Gardener's lavender, and white. Guide, Paradise Found You might be thinking, doesn't pansy mean Growing Tropicals in Your wimp? but the flower can withstand anything Own Backyard and the Mother Nature might dish out from the stand- highly acclaimed Tough-as- point of cold temperatures. Nails Flowers for the South. The recipe for success is quite easy. Select a site in full sun or partial shade that has organically rich soil. Many coastal areas of the coast have sandy soil that requires the addition of compost, humus, or my favorite, peat moss. Working this black gold three to four inches into sandy soils will help hold moisture and nutrients. If your garden has heavy, poorly drained soils, the same organic matter will help you get better aeration and drainage leading to good root development. While you are preparing your soil, incorporate two pounds of a slow release fertilizer like a 12-6-6 per 100 square feet of bed space. Set your pansies out 6 to 10 inches apart, planting at the same depth they are growing in the container. Add a good layer of mulch after planting. Pansies are heavy feeders so give them some fertilizer about every four weeks throughout the grow- ing season. A lot of the cold fronts we get during the winter have a drying effect so pay attention and give supplemental water as needed. 28 souther nbreeze.com

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