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sbr064-1-43.qxp 11/16/2006 8:16 AM Page 6 editor's letter renaissance, man! I had to see it with my own eyes. I made my first trip to the coast of Mississippi and to New Orleans since hurricane Katrina showed up uninvited. I saw some big differences: East New Orleans including the eerily deserted Six Flags is still somewhat abandoned. Biloxi, scarred and tattered, was bustling though, especially now that some of the casinos are back in business. It reminded me of the first time I saw my father after his stroke over 10 years ago. It was bad he could've either completely recovered or died. But four months after the fact, he looked great and was chipper as ever. The only thing that changed was his shaky handwriting but still better than mine, as he often reminds me . I had the same thoughts as I wandered New Orleans; it was boom- ing and busy, albeit a little shaky. Like Dad, New Orleans and the Mississippi Coast are recovering robustly and the proof is in this issue. Our cover story undoubtedly caught your attention as we feature a baker's dozen of fun things for you and your family along the Gulf Coast p. 34 . The Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi has bounced back with gusto p. 50 . And just try to stop the restaurants and food- ies of New Orleans, where food is an integral part of that magical city's identity p. 42 . That article's author, Deb Burst, also profiles Garland Robinette p. 56 , an impassioned and outspoken advocate for the city he loves, who shares some of his beautiful art with Southern Breeze. Has all this talk of New Orleans restaurants made you hungry? Well get ready to douse your taste buds as we feature delicious recipes all using the hot sauce that made Iberia, Louisiana famous Tabasco! p. 70 . We also have a roundup of some Coastal Mexican cantinas p. 66 , and if you've ever wondered what the heck Southern Comfort is, find out on page 62. Over a year after Katrina's wrath, I'm happy to report that the Gulf Coast specifically Mississippi and New Orleans is back with a vengeance. I don't know about you, but I'm planning a road trip back as soon as I can! EDITOR editor's pick what I can't live without . . . at the moment Sirius XACT Visor Satellite Radio If you dislike morning zoo crews as much as I do then a Sirius Satellite Radio for your car is essential. From its installation at the Best Buy in Spanish Fort to my drive home to Gulf Shores, I was quickly hooked and wondered why I waited so long. The 30-channel pre-set allows me to switch from Top 40 to Broadway to BBC-1 to LatinMix to 80s with ease, making inane DJ chatter a thing of the past! www.sirius.com 6 souther nbreeze.com http://www.sirius.com

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Art of Living - To Dye For
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Our Backyard - Coastal Sunrise
Make Yourself at Home - Office Space
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Winning Steak
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2006 Southern Breeze Winter Issue