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home FIXTURES sustainablestyle One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Take one look around homes along the Gulf Coast and this is proven true. New isn’t always better when it comes to decorating. Using recycled décor not only adds a stylish touch to your home, but it is helpful to Mother Nature as well. Whether you pick a table made of a recycled wine barrel, goblets of recycled glass, or a clock made from recycled detergent bottles, you are doing more than yourself a favor. Anyone who steps foot in your home will be green with envy when they see just how tasteful your recycled decor is! PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF (TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT) THE ARTFUL HOME, UNCOMMON GOODS, UNCOMMON GOODS, ARENATURALS.COM, BORIS BALLY, UNCOMMON GOODS. Top to bottom, left to right: “Pop Art Mirror” of recycled soda cans,, $1150 “Juicy Clocks” of recycled plastic,, $45 Recycled Wine Barrel Table,, $350 Recycled Windshield Beer Glasses,, set of 2 $17.99 “Coasters” of recycled traffic signs,, set of 4 $85 Recycled Glass Bottle Platter,, $15 22 s o u t h e r n b re e z e . c o m,,,,,,

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Southern Breeze 2008 Summer Issue