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editor’s letter green acres This issue marks another first for Southern Breeze as we devote virtually 100% of our editorial to environmentally friendly topics. The natural splendor so prevalent along the Gulf Coast is just one of many reasons why residents and visitors love our region so much. Whether you believe in global warming or not, we all have a responsibility to take care of our environment; it’s not simply the “politically correct” thing to do; it is, in no uncertain terms, the right thing to do. Southern Breeze, however, has always been a champion of our natural surroundings as we’ve been heralding the work of local “tree huggers” who are not shy with their opinions; the best ways to commune with nature; as well as efforts to repopulate our coastal reefs with everything from aircraft carriers to the remnants of demolished hotels. Our lands, waters, flora, and fauna are so vital and it’s up to each of us to take responsibility for our own impact on our environment. Whether it’s recycling this issue of Southern Breeze—now printed on recycled paper—or switching to compact fluorescent bulbs to volunteering to clean up a local beach or waterway, there are myriad ways we can all help out Mother Nature. Just think of Mother Nature as your own mom; you neglect her and you’ll pay for it later! It may not be a snide comment about your weight at a family wedding, but it could be something much worse…like canoeing from your front door to your mailbox in 20 years or the chickens in your back yard laying poached eggs! The Gulf Coast is our home and just as we would our own houses, apartments, or condominiums, we have a duty to be responsible caretakers. For far too long it’s been too easy to “let someone else worry about it.” Just consider yourself that someone else and be proactive. Your great grandchildren will thank you! In other news, Southern Breeze was once again honored by the Magazine Association of the Southeast with the 2008 Bronze GAMMA Award for General Excellence. Kudos to a great team! EDITOR IS IN TH E ISSU 9 things AST LF CO E GU E TH IN THIS MAK ISSUE THAT hot! paradise found: TM DESTIN IS CALLING YOU O LF C E G U 200 8 ing N TH F E O e.c om | Spr D LI eez G O O out her nbr THE w.s ww AST readers’ choice TM what you had to say! THE GOOD LIFE ON THE GULF COAST | Spring 2008 ise paradND HOT U FO des ca tin is lling (#1–NEW ORLEANS PRIDE) 9 + THINGS THAT MAKE THE GULF COAST you Dueling Covers In the last issue I asked you to vote for which cover you preferred, a stunning shot of Destin or a cheeky New Orleanian showing his pride. By a slim majority, you liked the New Orleans pride cover, our first to ever truly feature a person. Natalie Milanoff, a reader in Walnut Creek, Calif., was so impressed by the cover—and the New Orleans spirit—that she wrote: “I just returned from Jazzfest in New Orleans, and not only was I completely enamored by the spirit of the city, but I was also fortunate enough to meet and revel in the company of Mr. [Daniel] Victory. This was not my first (nor will it be my last!) visit to NOLA and I truly believe that this beautiful man is representative of the dazzling mass of people who take great pride in this exceptionally seductive town.” + : ATIC AQU ERWAY LIFE AL WAT WN THEEINTRACOAST DO TH 3 RS DOO rock S KFAST s BREA ampion of ch FEST JAZZ& NOW THEN s on! jazzfest then & now 3 doors down rock on! the life aquatic: on the ICW breakfasts of champions 6 s o u t h e r n b re e z e . c o m

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Southern Breeze 2008 Summer Issue