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prosthodontics message board Issue with Crown Seats! Help Please! happyd2 » ▼ If you are finding that your crown seat appointments take too long, it is time to break down your entire process to find the issue. This dentist shares his technique and gets valuable advice in return. Dentaltown Message Board > Prosthodontics > Fixed Prosthodontics > Issue with crown seats! Member Since: 04/17/08 Post: 1 of 59 I have been an associate for about four months, and recently started doing a lot of crown and bridge cases (thanks to my boss). Today was the day where I had to have four seat appointments (two being five-unit bridge and three-unit bridge) and none of the crowns dropped and fit like they should. I ended up adjusting a lot on the internal angle and it finally fit but it never feels good to adjust a lot inside the crown because I feel like that will make the PFM weaker. I was extra frustrated because my assistant was complaining how my crowns never fit and Dr. X’s (my boss) crowns always fit well. I talked to my boss about this because it has been an issue with previous crowns and she recommended doing a prep that had a better draw (she mentioned my walls were almost too parallel, like divergent) and round off some sharp angles since that makes casting harder. I have been doing what she mentioned but they still don’t have great adaptations. This is what I do: Prep I check my prep like 50 times if I have a proper draw, occlusal clearance, clear margins. Assistant packs cord (one cord). Assistant takes heavy body Aquasil (green) three minutes. I go in, take the cord out, wash technique with orange light body and Aquasil on the prep for three minutes. Then send them out. I always make sure I see the margin all around. At the seat appointment, crowns don’t fit – open margin, short margin. As my assistant points out, she feels like my crowns don’t drop all the way to the margin, it feels really tight and doesn’t sit well on the margin. The things I think I should improve on are: 1. Maybe I use too much of light body (orange). I have been squirting that orange on the prep like crazy but maybe I should be more conservative and that could be a reason why crown fits really tight on the tooth. 2. Better prep, no sharp corners, better draw, of course. 3. Maybe I work too slowly, or three minutes isn’t long enough for working time. 4. Maybe I should try to take a one-step impression instead of two. 5. Ask for extra dye spacer? I am desperate for any suggestions! I have been dreading crown seats because I already know they’re not going to fit well but I have to make them fit! I also try to fit crowns on my solid cast and articulating cast and most times, crowns fit fine on the solid cast. (If crowns don’t fit well on the solid cast but fit fine on the articulating cast, is it safe to assume that lab made a mistake?) Thanks so much in advance! ■ OCT 18 2011 Member Since: 08/18/07 Post: 2 of 59 MariposaDDS 1. Check your interproximal contacts, you can cut the articulation paper smaller and slide it in. It should not tear but make a spot. Check with your floss as well. Perhaps a temp continued on page 38 36 NOVEMBER 2012 »

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