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product profile Dental Sleep Medicine – State-of-the-Art 2012 Can it really be profitable? At the Dental Sleep Network, we believe that dentists can play a significant role in improving the quality of life of their patients afflicted with severe snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. By implementing sleep dentistry into their practices, dentists can create a new revenue stream that is augmented by health insurance reimbursement. The treatment of severe snoring and obstructive sleep apnea the couch” and back into their own beds with a realistic (OSA) is one of the fastest growing segments in dentistry today. snoring solution. Although the dental labs that make custom oral appliances for Oral appliances are typically priced between $1,500-2,500. sleep apnea have seen tremendous growth and profits, many Taking a conversion rate of 25 percent of at-risk patients will dentists are wondering whether their own practices can prof- produce between $7,500-12,500 a month in new revenue. The itably enter this new market. average cost of an appliance with disposables and shipping Most health insurance guidelines stipulate that oral appli- charges is just less than $400. That equates to between $5,500ances must be provided by dentists. The AASM has also recom- 10,500 in gross profit. On an annual basis, that means $66,000mended oral appliances for patients who are intolerant to 126,000 in additional gross profit. Obtaining the proper traintraditional OSA therapy. For decades, the primary treatment for ing and equipment and dedicating ample time to learning how sleep apnea has been continuous positive airway pressure to implement sleep dentistry properly should cost well under (CPAP). Across the U.S. it is estimated that as many as 50 per- $8,000. That means a small one-doctor practice can realize a cent of the patients who begin CPAP therapy discontinue its use payback of one to two months. for a variety of reasons. Dentists are now positioned to provide The diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea is an industry a therapy that is effective and highly compliant. that generates more than $5 billion a year. The current pathway With the dentist’s oversight and the involvement of a prop- for patients is expensive and inconvenient and ends in a therapy erly trained sleep specialist, patients can now quickly obtain a that is only used 50 percent of the time. It is not a stretch of the medical diagnosis and be given multiple therapy options, imagination to see dentists capturing 25 percent or more of this including oral appliances. market in the next three to five years. Although home sleep testing is 10 to 40 percent of the cost The Dental Sleep Network is a company that helps general of specialty lab tests, patients still might have concerns about dentists grow the sleep apnea treatment segment of their praccost. An interim step can be to have patients take a home test tices. The Dental Sleep Network partners with dental practices that can be administered for pennies on the dollar when com- by providing education and training, screening and diagnostic pared to traditional lab testing. services, physician specialists and medical billing services. n One out of five of your adult patients are at risk for OSA. Many of these patients will have already Company Contact been diagnosed with sleep apnea and have discontinued treatment with their CPAP machine. A For general information about The Dental Sleep Network organization, please e-mail well-trained practice can convert 25 percent of, visit or call their at-risk patients to oral appliances. This does toll-free 855-GOT SLEEP. The Dental Sleep Network is located in Columbus, Ohio. not include patients who are desperate to “get off 46 NOVEMBER 2012 »

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