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case presentation feature by Joseph L. Caruso, DDS, MS, and Luke Kahng, CDT Introduction The dentist and patient involved in this particular case were long-time friends. The patient is a world traveler, residing in both California and France. The clinician resides in Illinois but visits California frequently and often sees the patient there. Her personality is artistic, with a love for unique, eclectic things. It was obvious to him and to her that her teeth were in need of assistance. She was suffering from periodontal disease and caries, which had gone untreated. She was fearful of the work that needed to be done and somewhat indecisive about the procedures she would need to undergo. After meeting with several other dentists as well as her long-time friend and hearing his opinion, she decided to go ahead with his treatment plan. There were challenges involved due to the distance she needed to travel in order to see him. However, she was determined to restore her teeth to a healthy level. It was decided that treatment would involve the mandibular teeth #29, 30 and 31 with a three-unit bridge, and #18, 19 and 20 with single crowns; #19 and 20 being implants. Proper occlusion was the main goal with this particular phase of the plan. Tooth # 10 was treated with a post/core, and # 7 was to be restored with a zirconia crown. Teeth #4 and 5 were implants. All of the maxillary teeth were to be restored but it was decided that #2227 would be taken care of in Phase II. During her multiple stays in Illinois, the patient visited the lab and spoke at length with the author and dentist about her expectations and her apprehensions. She was not necessarily looking for a dramatic change in color, simply a brighter appearance. Even at her current age, her teeth were darker than she would have liked. The importance of these discussions cannot be overstated because the patient’s fears and concerns were addressed during these sessions. This was a significant step toward her moving forward with the treatment. continued on page 62 60 NOVEMBER 2012 »

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