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dentally incorrect humor ons dificati ical mo ing. pract and im e follow , unsafe to achieve th iding -vo ed arranty e requir *some w toclave may b au 1. Been a while since you've had your wedding rings . to your ay vary cleaned? Tell your spouse you'd be happy to take them sults m Re over to the jewelers, but really just throw them in with the rest of your instruments. Two birds, one stone. 2. Toss some broccoli in that bad boy. Autoclave your greens and be on your way to a soggy snack the office will be smelling for days. 3. That unsightly smudge on your sunglasses sure is a shame. Oh wait...steam power to the rescue! 4. Melt a pack of Peeps. If microwaving peeps has taught us anything, autoclaving those sugary birds should turn out some amazing results. 5. Unseal those confidential envelopes. No one needs to know you looked. 6. Get the wrinkles out of your tie. 7. Harness the power of science to isolate fingerprints and narrow down who has been stealing your yogurt from the break room fridge. Vigilante justice just got scientific. 8. Impromptu corn on the cob. Don't forget the butter. 9. Mimic rainforest conditions by turning your onceboring sterilization room into a sweltering, humid ecosystem. Bonus: no mosquitos. 10. Open up your pores with a little steam. Nothing says "spa day" like an autoclave facial. n 152 FREE FACTS, circle 41 on card JULY 2014 »

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Dentaltown July 2014 Highlights
Howard Speaks: Why Two Out of Three Cavities Go Untreated
Professional Courtesy: Appsolutely Amazing
Continuing Education Update
Ethical Dilemma: Don’t Underestimate the Embezzler
Money Versus Doctor
Full Arch Reconstruction
New Technique Ideas Please!
What is Normal in Terms of Transition from One Dentist to Another?
Open Sinus Lift
Look Before You Leap: Lessons from the Field
A Tale of Inherited Problems
Retire in Practice
You Should Know: Diashine
Townie Choice Awards Product Showcase
Product/Service Extras
Dentaltown Research: Periodontics, Product/Service Extra
Continuing Education: Oral Cancer in the Dental Office
What’s on Your Tray?
Ad Index
Product Profile: Synergy Dental Partners
Perio Reports
Perio Program Series—Step 3: Create a Plan
Dentally Incorrect

Dentaltown July 2014