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continuing education update What's New in Continuing Education? For those of us in the United States, our Fourth of July holiday is now over and it's and time to (reluctantly) get back to work. Remember though, that our CE is viewable on iPads and other portable devices, so pour yourself a cold beverage, sit outside and learn! There have been new additions to Dentaltown's CE courses in the last couple of weeks: Clinical Assessment of Tack & Wave Veneer Cementation  by David S. Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD One of the most stressful things we do in dentistry is the try-in and cementation of multiple veneers. There are huge expectations for ourselves and from our patients, including whether all the restorations will seat correctly, will they all match, or will there be any contamination or bleeding- all of which add to the stress. The last thing we need is for the actual cementation process, try-in, and veneer and tooth preparation protocol to bring more stress upon us. Dr. David Hornbrook has mentored thousands of clinicians throughout the world on correct utilization of veneer adhesive systems and has created an efficient and predictable technique for bonding in anterior restorations called the "Tack & Wave" technique. This protocol is currently being taught at most of the major teaching centers and most post-graduate university programs. Join Hornbrook as he discusses veneer try-in and selection of cements, adjustment of the ceramic during try-in, state-of-the-art adhesive systems, selection of cements, and proper finishing and polishing techniques. The use of the AMSA injection for obtaining anesthesia for maxillary anterior teeth without lip anesthesia for predictable evaluation of the new smile by the patient before cementation is also covered. by Howard M. Goldstein, DMD, Director of Continuing Education 22 JULY 2014 » The 180-Degree Dental Journey: Part Five: Marketing Strategies  by Michael Abernathy, DDS New patients are the fuel for success. An effective marketing campaign ensures that success. Marketing should be driven by the demographics of your area along with your practice style. Keep in mind that consumers vote with their feet, and if you have plateaued, you are not meeting their needs. This program takes you from philosophy to the nuts and bolts of a successful marketing campaign. You will see how to structure a marketing strategy from planning to execution with real examples of each type of marketing, along with the statistics to support what type of results you should expect. From budget and case average to structuring a comprehensive step-by-step marketing program, you will learn it all. As dentists we're never given the correct tools to manage and promote a business. This course will give you "nothing but meat" to-do lists of hundreds of marketing strategies. Nothing will affect change like unlimited new patients and this module guarantees that you will have everything you need to become the master of successfully getting patients to call your office for appointments. This is part five of a six-part series that, as a whole, gives you every step to thrive in dentistry in any location or economy. For a limited time, this CE course is available for $18. How Periodontal Soft Tissue Grafting Will Enhance your Restorative Results  by James Kohner, DDS This course covers methods, limitations and benefits of both aesthetic and functional crown lengthening. Whether you do it yourself or refer out, you will leave with a better understanding of these principles to help patients enjoy better results. The course emphasizes decision making for a variety of case types to facilitate comprehensive clinical treatment planning. Learn how to make diagnostic decisions from X-rays alone, and understand how biologic width impacts your every decision related to crown preparation and impression taking. Discussion will include issues like red or sore

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