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restorative message board Full Arch Reconstruction Would you do this case? > Message Boards > Cosmetic Dentistry > Cosmetic Dentistry > Full Arch Reconstruction Nathan Saydyk   Member Since: 04/07/04   Post: 1 of 33 Fig. 1 Fig. 4 Related Message Boards Full Mouth Reconstruction with Implants Fig. 5 Mouth Reconstruction Fig. 2 Patient did not like the bridge that was done more than 10 years ago. Just wanted the bridge redone. I followed Stephen Phelan's protocol for reconstruction. Not a very big smile. Patient has a very atrophic lip. Plan included the lowers but right now we are just rebasing and redoing the teeth on the partial and altering the incisors of the lower anterior. n Fig. 7 Maxillary Resection Reconstruction with Implants Fig. 3 Fig. 8 Resection Reconstruction Fig. 6 Fig. 9 Fig. 10 Fig. 11 MAR 31 2014 DoctorEd   Member Since: 09/21/02   Post: 2 of 33   Patient did not like the bridge that was done 10 years ago... I wonder why, Nathan? Stephen Phelan's video tutorials are top notch. I have not purchased them yet but he has me thinking I should. n MAR 31 2014 Nathan Saydyk   Fig. 12 Fig. 13 Fig. 15 Member Since: 04/07/04   Post: 5 of 33   Fig. 14 Fig. 16 Figs. 12 & 13: Wax-up Fig. 14: Reduction splint Fig. 15: Putty of the wax-up Fig. 16: This did not work at all and I wasted money on it. continued on page 38 36 JULY 2014 »

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Howard Speaks: Why Two Out of Three Cavities Go Untreated
Professional Courtesy: Appsolutely Amazing
Continuing Education Update
Ethical Dilemma: Don’t Underestimate the Embezzler
Money Versus Doctor
Full Arch Reconstruction
New Technique Ideas Please!
What is Normal in Terms of Transition from One Dentist to Another?
Open Sinus Lift
Look Before You Leap: Lessons from the Field
A Tale of Inherited Problems
Retire in Practice
You Should Know: Diashine
Townie Choice Awards Product Showcase
Product/Service Extras
Dentaltown Research: Periodontics, Product/Service Extra
Continuing Education: Oral Cancer in the Dental Office
What’s on Your Tray?
Ad Index
Product Profile: Synergy Dental Partners
Perio Reports
Perio Program Series—Step 3: Create a Plan
Dentally Incorrect

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