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oral surgery message board New Technique Ideas Please! Extracting a lower broken endo premolar. What are your tricks? > Message Boards > Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery > Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery > New Technique Ideas Please! Transitioning doc   Member Since: 08/02/06  Post: 1 of 32   So, I have already extracted this tooth, and it sucked. Just curious how each of you would have tackled this thing. I may need some new equipment, techniques, etc. Thanks! n MAR 27 2014 ataller Member Since: 11/30/12   Post: 2 of 32   Dr. Murph is going to tell you to shove a 301 in there. I personally prefer to use luxators. They are very thin instruments-thinner than an elevator, larger than a periotome. You push apically the luxator down the PDL space and wiggle. This severs the fibers and makes room for the root. You will find if you do this correctly the tooth becomes incredibly lose and just pops out. No flap or bone removal necessary. n MAR 27 2014 shad lewis   Member Since: 08/17/02   Post: 3 of 32   Make the hole bigger or make the tooth smaller. I'd crown prep that a little and shove a 301 in it. n MAR 27 2014 Brad Blair   Member Since: 01/11/08   Post: 4 of 32   Had a couple like that this morning and enthusiastically recommend the luxators from Karl Schumacher. Used those for a while, then plucked it out with a hemostat. Done. n MAR 27 2014 djh597   Member Since: 08/19/03  Post: 5 of 32   I typically reflect a very small buccal and lingual envelope flap. Remove 2-3mm buccal and lingual bone. Grab a 13 and remove it. n MAR 27 2014 Dale Rosenbach   Member Since: 06/14/07   Post: 9 of 32   Related Message Boards Easier Technique for Open Tray Implant Impressions Easier Technique Pinhole Surgical Technique Surgical Technique Not only would I not reflect, but I most certainly would not remove any B or L bone. Rather, you can utilize a long narrow bur, like a #859 diamond needle bur, to provide some wiggle room, but only interproximally. Then you can place your straight elevators and really get it rocking, and do so in a force favorable manner: high duration and low velocity. You have to remember that you're trying to break millions of PDL fibers, and that won't happen with high velocity and low duration like so many inappropriately apply with their elevators. I found the least expensive high quality burs from NeoDiamond, #1312.11, which is a code for 1.2mm wide at the widest and 11mm long of a diamond shank (I do not know what the 13 means, maybe the noncutting shank is 13mm long). n MAR 27 2014 Eric Krause   Member Since: 02/19/03   Post: 12 of 32   48 JULY 2014 » Luxators and apical retention forceps. No flaps, no bone removal. n MAR 27 2014

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