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continuing education update What's New in Continuing Education? The end of the year is getting closer. Get your 2015 CE credits completed now, rather than waiting until the last day! And yes...December 31 is always our busiest CE day of the year here at Dentaltown. Glad to know that I am not the only dentist who is a hopeless procrastinator. We have some great new recently released courses that are worth checking out, even if you do not need the credits. Townie Meeting 2015 Lecture Series  We can't bring you all the action from our annual Townie Meeting in Las Vegas, but we can certainly share some of the top-notch education that was presented there. The Townie Meeting 2015 series contains courses from Lee Ann Brady, Ara Nazarian, Mike Melkers, Bruce Baird, Mark Hyman, Neal Patel, Dale Miles, and many more. Listen to more than 22 hours of excellent education in both clinical dentistry and practice management. As part of the registration fee for Townie Meeting, all 2015 attendees have access to these courses for free. Miss the meeting? Don't worry-it's only $225 to view for anyone who was unable to attend. (But be sure to sign up for Townie Meeting 2016!) Success in Endodontics  by Dr. Jeff Krupp Jeff Krupp's Success in Endodontics is an evidence-based, four-part course in endodontics. What is amazing about this program is that it offers comprehensive, start-to-fi nish instructions on all aspects of endodontics in a precise and easily understood manner. Dr. Krupp worked with top animators in the field, and the animation video results are remarkable. In addition, he took crystal-clear microscopy videos to show exactly how endodontics is done. Saying that this is a complete online endodontic textbook with nothing missing is probably the best description of this course. We do not believe that there is a more thorough and usable online endodontic tutorial available. Any dentist who does endodontics, or is thinking of doing endodontics, knows that there are curveballs coming from patients and their teeth-curveballs such as root morphology, tooth access, restorations, attitudes, infections, and numerous other variables. If one wants to do predictable and successful endodontics, one has to overcome all of these obstacles. Success in Endodontics shortens the learning curve! Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics by Dr. Lane Ochi The long-awaited masterpiece by Townie superstar Lane Ochi is now out! Successfully treating our patients with fi xed prosthodontics mandates that we have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of it. In no other field in dentistry can real improvement in outcomes be as directly attributed to attention to detail and execution. Details such as preparation design and margin configuration, the use of a core buildup or post, and our luting-agent selection are critical to the final result. At the end of the day, we cannot afford failures in our treatment. Costs lost to time, remakes and loss of patient confidence are direct hits to the budget our practices don't need. After viewing this course, you will be able to identify the causes of failures so you can prevent them. Selective Root Retreatment: A Conservative Alternative by William J. Nudera DDS, MS. It's accepted as a new normal in surgical endodontics that only the diseased root(s) should be addressed via root-end resection and root-end filling. Knowledge gained from CBCT imaging has introduced a new, reasonable treatment option for endodonticaly treated teeth presenting with post-treatment disease. This new concept allows the clinician to make predictable treatment decisions based on the periapical status of an individual root(s), rather than make assumptions about the tooth as a whole. A selective root retreatment combines by Howard M. Goldstein, DMD, Director of Continuing Education, Dentaltown Magazine 16 NOVEMBER 2015 //

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