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oral surgery message board Check Out this Broken Implant A Townie asks for advice on how to remove it. > Message Boards > Implantology > Implantology > Check Out this Broken Implant mountainmanrob Member Since: 02/15/08 Post: 1 of 38 Related Message Boards Broken Implant Platform: How to Proceed? Implant Platform Broken Implant Screw Implant Screw Introduction This is not an implant I placed. I am a Hiossen guy. This implant was placed three years ago. It's a NobelActive 5.0. Hiossen implants have an internal hex, and if this were a Hiossen, I would think I would maybe have a chance of just backing this thing right back out. But I don't know about Nobels. Do you think this thing could be backed out, or will it need to be troughed out? ■ APR 22 2015 almunk Member Since: 12/17/05 Post: 2 of 38 Treat it like a tooth. Flap, elevate, and remove a little bone, etc., until it finally starts moving. Looks you have some good coronal bone loss already to help things along. At some point you may be able to just unthread it. ■ APR 22 2015 BrianTolman Member Since: 03/03/11 Post: 6 of 38 I had a patient walk in today with his NobelActive implant fractured in exactly the same way as yours, but in the #30 position. Maybe these NobelActive implants are too thin in the crestal portion? I'll post the X-ray tomorrow when I get into the office. We sent her to OS for explanation. Did you ever get yours out? ■ JUL 16 2015 DoctorEd Member Since: 09/21/02 Post: 7 of 38 Troughing with a trephine or a bur is never easy and always leaves a titanium tattoo in the bone. I have also seen a Nobel implant fracture similarly. Time for a recall so more of these fi xtures are not placed? ■ JUL 16 2015 IcedOMFS Member Since: 03/11/14 Post: 8 of 38 You can section an implant. Did it to an old Nobel Tri-Lobe that mushroomed on me. Last Tri-Lobe I ever placed. Lots of irrigation. Alternatively trough on mesial and distal and twist out with Rongeur. NobelActive are too thin at the wall. This has been pointed out to them. ■ JUL 16 2015 zacky Member Since: 02/06/09 Post: 9 of 38 Curious about if this is an issue with the other market clones or compatibles, like BSB BIO Max, or ID? For the record, I am a BSB fan and have been very happy with my limited experience with them. I have also successfully worked with Nobel (Tri-Lobe, Actives, and Brånemarks) for years, with great success. I've never seen such a fracture as the one posted here. ■ JUL 17 2015 bseavey Member Since: 10/25/04 Post: 10 of 38 I don't understand why they tapered the coronal feature inward. Makes no sense to me. ■ JUL 17 2015 Continued on p. 22 20 NOVEMBER 2015 //

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