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product profile feature New Patient Guaranteed Results System is unequaled in how comprehensive its system is to control the variables of effective direct mail marketing. The result is a system that has proven so effective, it even comes with a risk-free guarantee and consistently results in 407 percent ROI. Results Dashboard Knowing the results of your direct-mail efforts is key to long-term success. Online dashboards allow you to see every detail of your campaign's performance, providing insight to continually enhance results from one campaign to the next. * New patients by name * ROI * Staff call scores * Staff closing ratios * Missed call statistics and notifications * And more Uncovered and captured opportunities Each practice has a senior marketing adviser who continually analyzes the data compiled from each campaign. He or she determines the best ways to increase ROI to the practice-whether it be individualized staff coaching, capturing missed calls, or finding areas of opportunity or areas to avoid in your market, based on the data. The marketing adviser provides the doctor with recommendations and then he or she implements the solutions. Staff training Call handling, phone skills training, and personalized coaching are integral components to increase staff closing ratios. The program utilizes a three-pronged approach to ensure that calls become scheduled patients. * Initial training * Specialized video instruction * Personalized live coaching Specialization The system is designed and optimized exclusively for dentists. Before any practice can be approved, a review of the practice market area must be done to determine if availability exists. For more information, visit ■ (Dentists Only!) For more information, call (855) 910-9221 or visit 54 NOVEMBER 2015 //

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Dentaltown November 2015

HOWARD SPEAKS: Avoid a Perfect Storm: Focus on Infection Control
PROFESSIONAL COURTESY: Suffering from Arithmophobia?
Continuing Education Update
Industry News
Check Out This Broken Implant
Disaster Case— Hail Mary
Internal Marketing Begets Referrals
When to Refer to a Periodontist
Parents in the Operatory: Friend or Foe?
What You Need to Know to Hire the Perfect Hygienist
Space Maintenance: The Right Appliance at the Right Time
Practice Solutions: AMD LASERS
Practice Solutions: Planmeca
Product Profi le:
Adhesives: 60 Years of Clinical and Chemical Improvement
Product Profi le: DEXIS
Misaligned Anterior Teeth Straightened with Direct Composite Bonding
Five Common Web Design Mistakes
You’re a Public-Health Dentist and You Didn’t Even Know It!
Retirement Planning Made Simple
Young Patient Redefi nes the Face of Dentures
New Products
Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: A Patient Info Sheet
Ad Index
You Should Know: Synergy Dental Partners
Practice Growth Fueled by Technology
The Clinical Algorithms of Rehabilitation
Dentally Incorrect

Dentaltown November 2015