Welcome to The American Institute of CPA's (AICPA) Accounting Professor's Curriculum Resource. The best accounting curricula from around the country are now at your fingertips. No need to struggle with the ideas on how to encourage critical thinking among your accounting students or wonder about the best way to expand their skills and knowledge in a variety of accounting discipline areas. This compendium has it all and more.

Devised by university professors and implemented in their classrooms, the accounting programs and strategies included herein have shown a high level of innovation in teaching, address core competencies, demonstrate enhanced learning of traditionally difficult topics, and are highly adaptable for other educational institutions and situations.

The AICPA Academics Area is proud to offer you many award-winning accounting curricula designed to encourage and expand the knowledge of young accounting students from underclassman through graduate students. The curricula highlighted here have been recognized for their innovation in teaching accounting through the Effective Learning Strategies Educator Awards Program through the bestowment of the following award categories.

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