Guide to General Convention
Installation directions.

Click the 'INSTALL NOW' button below to download and install the offline version of your publication. When prompted to Open or Save the file, select Open for immediate installation.

Your offline publication is a desktop application developed using Adobe®'s AIR™ technology. In order for it to run, you must first install the AIR™ runtime, and then you can install the offline publication. The installation of AIR™ should be automatic once you click on the "INSTALL NOW" button above.

Important: The runtime requires administrator privileges to install.

Having Problems installing?

If the "INSTALL NOW" button doesn't work for you, you can manually install AIR™, and then your offline publication by downloading the two files linked below and then running each of them separately.

If you are unable to install the above AIR version of this book, please download our alternative offline version.
Please click here to download the PDF version of this publication.
Nxtbook Media has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to adware/spyware/malware or similar forms of software. The Nxtbook player is a self-contained program, having no effect whatsoever on other programs on your hard drive.