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Norman H. Amster DO, 78, specialized in anesthesiology.
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Amster earned his medical degree
from the Chicago College of Osteopathy in 1967. Following
medical school, he completed an internship at Brentwood
Hospital in Cleveland and then residencies at Doctors Hospital
in Columbus, Ohio and Huron Road Hospital in Cleveland.
Dr. Amster has been a PAMED and MCMS member for
42 years.
David J. Eskin MD, 74, is a retired cardiologist who
graduated from the University of
Pennsylvania School of Medicine
in 1967. The Philadelphia native
completed his internship at the Bronx
Municipal Hospital the following
year. Additional medical training
was completed at the Hospital of
the University of Pennsylvania, a
residency in internal medicine and
a fellowship in cardiology. He was
affiliated with Abington Memorial
Hospital (AMH) and was the
hospital's chief of staff and chief medical officer from 19862004 and has served on its board of trustees since 1986. In
2006, AMH awarded him the Distinguished Trustee Service
Award. He finds that witnessing the advances in medicine
provide many interesting moments in medicine. Dr. Eskin has
been a PAMED and MCMS member for 40 years.
Lee L. Konecke MD, 75, is an internist who specialized in
cardiology. Dr. Konecke completed medical school in 1967
at Hahnemann Medical College, now Drexel University
College of Medicine. He completed his internal medicine
residency at Hahnemann Hospital, followed by a cardiology
fellowship at Indiana University Medical Center. He was
on active duty in the U.S. Air Force and served as a regional
consistent in cardiology. Many of his years in private practice
were in Norristown, where he served on the medical staffs
of then Sacred Heart, Montgomery and Mercy Suburban
hospitals. He served on the credentials committee at both
Sacred Heart and Montgomery hospitals. An avid fisherman,
Dr. Konecke currently resides in Florida and is a staff officer in
the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Dr. Konecke is a fellow of the
American College of Cardiology, a member of the American
Heart Association and has been a member of PAMED and
MCMS for 30 years.
Michael D. Levin, MD, 75, is a pediatrician who graduated
from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in
1967. He currently practices with Huntingdon Valley Pediatrics
and is affiliated with Holy Redeemer Hospital. Dr. Levin has
been a member of PAMED and MCMS for 41 years.
Hanrik G. Ohanissian, MD, 78, is a retired internist who
specialized in hematology and oncology. Born in Iran, he
received his medical degree from the University of Vienna
Faculty of Medicine in 1967. He decided to come to the
United States to further his studies. He completed residency
training in internal medicine at Albert Einstein Healthcare
Network and Easton Hospital, followed by a fellowship in
hematology at Mercy Catholic Medical Center. Affiliated with

the Mercy Health System since the
mid-70s, Dr. Ohanissian has been a
member of PAMED and MCMS for
37 years.
Philip A. Rosenfeld MD, 75, is
a practicing otolaryngologist in
Abington. In 1967, the Philadelphia
native completed medical school at
Thomas Jefferson Medical School,
now called Sidney Kimmel Medical
College. Following medical school, Dr.
Rosenfeld interned at Abington Memorial Hospital (AMH)
and completed a surgical residency at Abington and then a
residency in otolaryngology at Jefferson Medical College.
He was named emeritus chief within the AMH Division of
Otolaryngology and a Top Doc in the field of otolaryngology
in the Philadelphia Magazine. He remembers vividly an
interesting moment in medicine. As he was completing a
stapedectomy, a surgical procedure of the middle ear, his
moderately deaf patient was able to hear the air coming
through the operating room vents. Dr. Rosenfeld has been a
member of PAMED and MCMS for 43 years.
Charles I. Wagner MD, 75, is a boardcertified internist and gastroenterologist.
He was born in Philadelphia, completed
medical school in 1967 at the University
of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and
completed his internship there as well.
In 1972, he completed his first residency
in internal medicine at the New York
Hospital-Cornell Medical Center and
then returned to the Hospital of the
University of Pennsylvania to complete
a fellowship in gastroenterology in 1974. He has been affiliated
with the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Abington
Memorial Hospital and Holy Redeemer Hospital. Currently,
he works in medical administration at Holy Redeemer Health
System and said every day in medicine is a new adventure
shared with wonderful patients and co-workers. Dr. Wagner
has been a member of PAMED and MCMS for 31 years.
Melvyn A. Wolf MD, 75, an
ophthalmologist living in Blue Bell,
has enjoyed retirement for the past
eight years. Dr. Wolf, a Philadelphia
native, attended Thomas University
Medical School and interned at
Abington Memorial Hospital. In
1975, he completed his residency in
ophthalmology at George Washington
University Hospital, Washington,
D.C. His hospital affiliations include
Chestnut Hill Hospital and Wills Eye
Hospital. A proud veteran, Dr. Wolf served in the U.S. Navy
Reserve Medical Corps from 1968-1970. Additionally, Lt.
Wolf was deployed to Vietnam with the U.S. Marine Corps
from 1968-1969. Dr. Wolf has been a member of PAMED and
MCMS for 42 years.
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