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CLUB PROFILE By Katherine Stone Vancouver Rowing Club By Katherine Stone Looking out onto English Bay, there are plenty of sheds to work on boats during inclement weather. Photo by Katherine Stone hat is it that keeps most of us active and involved with our friends when the sailing season ends? Even though I am a very active skier who tolerates the cold February slopes, just waiting to get into spring corn skiing, I still dream of those lovely days on the water and look forward to launch as the best day ever! Thank heavens that most Canadians get involved with a winter sport to ease the pain of not boating year-round in Canada. Our friends on the West Coast are lucky to be blessed with year-round sailing and power boating and the weather to go with it! W 18 Canadi an Yachti ng Located in Stanley Park at the northwest end of Coal Harbour, the Vancouver Rowing Club started its history in 1886. However, some 3,000 years before that, the area was populated by the Squamish Nation, who had a large village located in what is now the park. Some of the cedar longhouses measured 200 feet in length and were used by large extended families. The Squamish, along with other West Coast indigenous peoples, practiced ceremonial potlatches where the host would entertain his friends and give away all his belongings.... Don't know if I MAY 2015

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Vantage Point: Fuelling your dreams
Waterfront: CPS Boating Tools on Video, Sneak Peeks at New models launching, Trent Severn Rideau Waterway update and much more...
Club Profile: Vancouver Rowing Club
Feature: Sharon Green: Sailing Photographer
Destination: Ghost Lake
Destintaion: Croatia
Destination: Georgian Bay Six-pack
Destination: New York Canals
Power Review: Beneteau GT 35
Crossing the Line: Explaining Sailing to Powerboaters

Canadian Yachting May 2015