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VANTAGE POINT Make Your Passion Your Profession This is a different kind of message for Vantage Point because we normally comment on boating and the boating experience, but in this column, I want to talk to you about the marine industry. The parent company of Canadian Yachting magazine also owns a business-to-business publication serving the marine industry. And, now the marine industry needs some help from our readers, from coast to coast. Generally speaking, there has not been a lot of overlap between our consumer publications and our business publications but these days, the world is changing. The marine industry needs some help. Like many business categories, there is a shortage of young people entering the marine industry. There are many factors at play. A recent trend is for young people to aspire to the urban condo lifestyle as their future. They're attracted to the white-collar jobs that are typically in the downtown office towers and the cost of living in a downtown environment can leave a young person too short of time and cash to get out in the country, or out on the boat. As much as you and I love the water and getting out on the boat, we have to recognize that we enjoy something of a privileged lifestyle. In fact, it's a lifestyle that some young people never had the opportunity to experience. The cumulative effect of these and other factors, is that at present, only a small number of young people are looking to the marine industry as their career choice. This creates a great opportunity for those young people who do understand boating and who love the lifestyle of being around water. We are betting that your children and grandchildren have experienced the boating lifestyle. Those young people are much more likely to place a high value on boating. In our trade publication, we provide a service to the marine industry by listing marine industry Career Opportunities in our weekly electronic newsletter. The current shortage of young people entering the industry has prompted us to rethink the situation and we now realize that our Canadian Yachting magazine readers may be an excellent connection to young people who are at the point of going through school and planning their career path in life. From now on, in the Canadian Yachting Onboard electronic newsletters, we plan to include a column for Careers in the Marine Industry. That's right-job opportunities in the boat business everywhere in Canada from "the Rock" to Vancouver Island and everything in between. Some of these employers are seeking Marine Technicians; young people who have taken the Marine Technician courses through Georgian College, who have already worked with a marina or boatyard to take courses through Mercury Marine, Yamaha Canada, Volvo Penta or other leading companies. But, the range of opportunity is far wider than just that! Especially at this time of year we get a lot of advertisements for career opportunities at marinas and boat yards, but also in distribution and sales with boat builders and marine products companies, there are also opportunities in the fast-moving and fascinating field of marine electronics and much more. Many of these positions will need a general arts, finance or business degree - there's much more than just mechanical repair. One of the other dimensions effecting the industry is that a significant number of senior people are reaching retirement age and that will open up great opportunities. If you know a young person who wants to make their passion their profession, subscribe to our Canadian Yachting Onboard newsletters (they are free!) and make a point of following the Career Opportunities this spring. 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