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creative minds imagine Fiction Contest guidelines/contest/ creativeminds.html. 44 imagine First PlACE do You remember T by Cara Maines hE WATER LAPPING AROUND YOUR fEET as you dipped them into the river and I told you your veins looked like little rivers of their own, with rivulets and branches and those tributaries crossed like thread? The crystalline patterns of sugar that would form on top of the raspberry jam we spread on bread on Sundays that you always said reminded you of snow and I always said reminded me of the thin crust of sugar on top of the jam? The long drive home as we whispered along the words to every Queen song on the CD, and how you took the long route home so we could finish the disk? The smell of cigarettes that pervaded the apartment building until the vampires who lived next to us finally faded into the dusk like their smoke? (it was blueberry, not raspberry) The tangled webs we spun? The mattress of sand that engulfed us as we lay in the sun and you didn't even wear sunscreen but I slathered myself because you like to live life on the edge and I like my life wrapped in a neat little package of yellow WARNING tape? And the little markings you left in the sand as you walked even though you told me you tried not to because you didn't like to leave signs that you were there, but everyone could tell you were because afterwards your feet were dusted with sand? The wild game of Scrabble that lasted from six o'clock till four in the morning, and the sleep-deprived words we ended up concocting through our unrelenting need for caffeine and possibly each other? (smaradg is a word) The tear-stained windows which originally let in a steady stream of light and then became clouded, murky, gauzy, finally so opaque glazed with water that we could see nothing through the glass but the faint glow of spring in the distance but only at three o'clock? The tiny bean sprouts you planted that died within two days or maybe three, and how I laughed and you pretended to laugh along? The tens of thousands of times you told me that squirrels run faster in the winter and how I laughed every time and then we watched the squirrel in the backyard but that squirrel was limping so we still don't know and I told that joke about squirrels not having feelings because they eat our tomatoes? (they were alfalfa, not bean sprouts) may/Jun 2014 iStoCk Thank you to all who entered our seventh annual Creative Minds Imagine Fiction Contest! We are thrilled to announce the winners here, and we encourage you to read all of these stories in their entirety on our website at http:// guidelines/contest/ contestresults.html. Our Creative Minds Poetry Contest is now open through July 11, 2014. read submission guidelines and enter online at http://cty.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - May/June 2014

Big Picture
In My Own Words
Imagine, Design, Build
A Schematic of the Possible
My Life as an Architect
Blueprint for the Future
DesertSol: A Model of Sustainability
Across Space and Time
The Art of Summer
Selected Opportunities & Resources
A Digital Canvas
Rising to the Technovation Challenge
Off the Shelf
Word Wise
Exploring Career Options
One Step Ahead
Planning Ahead for College
Students Review
Creative Minds Imagine
Mark Your Calendar
Knossos Games

Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - May/June 2014