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» AAPA TECHNICAL AND POLICY COMMITTEES AAPA TECHNICAL COMMITTEES CRUISE COMMITTEE Assists ports to attract, develop and maximize the benefits of cruise operations; monitors, collects and disseminates information pertaining to planning, design, construction and maintenance of cruise terminals and marketing of port cruise facilities and cruise itineraries. Chairman: Michael Vanderbeek, Massachusetts Port Authority 1st Vice Chair: Brandy Christian, Port of New Orleans 2nd Vice Chair: Elizabeth Shearin, New York City Economic Development Corp. Staff Liaison: Susan Monteverde DEFENSE COMMITTEE Provides a liaison between the U.S. ports and Federal government agencies in the preparation and dissemination of information or plans and procedures governing the operation of United States ports during emergency mobilization or wartime. Fosters dialogue with appropriate Department of Defense agencies regarding ongoing military reliance on ports. Chairman: Chris Fisher, Port of Beaumont Staff Liaison: Rex Sherman ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE FINANCE COMMITTEE LAW REVIEW COMMITTEE Collects and disseminates information pertaining to port administration, financing and accounting practices and procedures including sources of funds, investment of funds, tax matters, collection of charges and other accounting procedures. Collects and disseminates information pertaining to legislation, litigation, orders and rulings of general interest to members, and consults with and advises other committees. Chairman: Jeff Strader, Port Freeport 1st Vice Chair: Brent Leslie, Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority 2nd Vice Chair: Andrew Palomares, Port of Hueneme Staff Liaison: Ed O'Connell HARBORS AND NAVIGATION COMMITTEE Identify, understand and resolve waterside maritime infrastructure issues for safe, sustainable and efficient movement of freight to and from the global marketplace. Address legislation, policy and process level issues of studies, regulatory actions, construction, operation and maintenance of navigation channels including dredging, dredged material placement and technology developments. Chairman: Hope Moorer, Georgia Ports Authority Vice Chair: Ryan McFarland, Port of Seattle Secretary: Robert Musser, Port Everglades Staff Liaison: Jim Walker Monitors, collects and disseminates information related to all aspects of the environmental impact of ports, including air quality, water quality, stormwater, contaminated sediment, sustainability and environmental management systems; recognizes port achievement in environmental performance; and facilitates the sharing of best management practices related to enhancing the coastal environment, managing environmental impact and engaging stakeholders and communities. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE Chairman: Stephanie Jones Stebbins, Port of Seattle Vice Chair: Sarah Garza, Port Corpus Christi Staff Liaison: Meredith Martino Chairman: Lance Kaneshiro, Port of Los Angeles 1st Vice Chair: Martyn Adamson, Port of Tacoma 2nd Vice Chair: Michelle Thames, PortMiami Staff Liaison: Meredith Martino FACILITIES ENGINEERING COMMITTEE Monitors, collects and disseminates knowledge regarding the development of information technology, including but not limited to the areas of electronic data interchange, management information systems, and other automation initiatives in the area of information technology undertaken by Federal agencies and ports in AAPA member countries, as well as monitoring such initiatives throughout the world. Monitors, collects and disseminates information pertaining to planning, design, construction and maintenance of marine terminals and other landside port structures. Chairman: Donald Brinkman, Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District Vice Chair: TBD Staff Liaison: Ed O'Connell 18 AAPA SEAPORTS OF THE AMERICAS * 2016 Membership Directory Chairman: Tom Schroeter, Port of Houston Authority Vice Chair: Heather McCloskey, Port of Los Angeles Secretary: Mike Dees, Port of Lake Charles Staff Liaison: Jean Godwin MARITIME ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Monitors, collects and disseminates information pertaining to the role of ports as catalysts for maritime industrial development in their communities, including ongoing review of relevant laws, regulations, programs and initiatives. Provides a forum for the exchange of innovative approaches to maritime industrial development, and raises public awareness about the role of ports in maritime industrial development. Chairman: Eduardo Campirano, Port of Brownsville 1st Vice Chair: Edward Anthes-Washburn, Port of New Bedford 2nd Vice Chair: Amy Miller, Port of Pensacola Staff Liaison: Aaron Ellis OPERATIONS & SAFETY COMMITTEE Collects and disseminates information pertaining to marine terminal operations including operations and management practices, and rules and regulations that apply to users of marine terminal facilities; vessel navigation aids; spill control. Monitors, collects and distributes information and data relating to port safety including the development of port safety awareness programs, training programs, fire protection programs and standards, and "safe equipment" techniques. This also includes the ongoing review of all relative laws and regulations. Chairman: Michael Meyran, Massachusetts Port Authority Staff Liaison: Mary Beth Long

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