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» UNITED STATES PORT PROFILES Alabama State Port Authority P.O. Box 1588, 250 N. Water St., Mobile, AL 36633-1588 Tel: (251) 441-7200 Fax: (251) 441-7216 www.asdd.com jadams@asdd.com PORT COMMISSIONERS Angus Cooper III, Chairman Joseph McCarty, First Vice Chairman Horace H. Horn, Second Vice Chairman Daryl Dewberry Alvin Hope Tim Parker, III Algernon "Al" Stanley Ben Stimpson, Jr. Hon. Jerry Carl, President, Mobile County Commission (Ex-Officio Member) PORT STAFF James K. Lyons, Director & CEO Larry R. Downs, CFO, Secretary/Treasurer H. S. "Smitty" Thorne, Deputy Director Judith Adams, Vice President, Marketing Brad Ojard, Sr. Vice President, Operations Frank Fogarty, Vice President, Trade & Development Linda Paaymans, Sr. Vice President, Financial Services Jerald Kichler, P.E. Vice President, Engineering Services Bob Harris, Vice President, Environmental Program Management OVERALL ANNUAL TONNAGE FY2014: 29,000,000 tons PRIMARY CARGOS: INBOUND Coal, metals, forest products, containers, cement, chemicals, project cargo PRIMARY CARGOS: OUTBOUND Coal, metals, forest products, containers, frozen poultry, grain, chemicals, project cargo MAIN CHANNEL DEPTH 45 ft. Lower Harbor; 40 ft. Upper Harbor and Theodore Ship Channel CRUISE TERMINALS & FACILITIES Alabama Cruise Terminal, City of Mobile, Mobile Landing (Municipal Terminal) CARGO TERMINALS & FACILITIES MCDUFFIE TERMINALS: Berths: 3; Post-Panamax Ship Unloaders: 3; 2 Ship Loaders, Barge Unloading & Loading Terminals: 5; Rail Service; Access to Inland Waterways CONTAINER TERMINAL: 2000 ft. of berth, Post-Panamax Cranes: 2 ; 2 Super Post Panamax Cranes Ordered; 45 ft. of draft, immediate access to I-10/I-65 ; intermodal rail under construction. PINTO STEEL TERMINAL: 1,100 ft. of berth, barge slip, 45 ft. of draft, Post-Panamax Cranes - 3, immediate access to I-10/I-65; Access to Inland Waterways MAIN PORT COMPLEX: Berths: 35; Length: 600-1,600 ft.; Depth: 40 ft.; Rail Service; Access to Inland Waterways; Rail Ferry Terminal; Freezer Terminal; RO/RO; Heavy Lift Terminals; 2 container cranes; 110T Mobile Harbor Crane. INTERMODAL CONTAINER TRANSFER FACILITY (ICTF): Container Rail Intermodal Ramp serving import/export and domestic shippers. ALABAMA STEEL TERMINALS: Multimodal steel coil handling facility. OTHER PORT OWNED BUSINESSES, SERVICES, FACILITIES, FTZ Real Estate; Alabama State Port Authority Terminal Railway (TASD) OTHER PORT AREA SERVICES Port served by five (5) Class I railroads, one (1) Class II, two (2) Class III railroads, two (2) Interstate Systems (I-10 and I-65); Intracoastal & Inland Waterways 4-Day Rail Ferry Service to Mexico Foreign Trade Zone: Mobile, Alabama Air Cargo Terminals, Mobile Aeroplex and Mobile Regional Airport; Tel: (251) 438-7338. REGIONAL/FOREIGN PORT MARKETING & TRADE OFFICES ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE - International Trade Hilda Lockhart, Director, 401 Adams Avenue, 6th Floor, Montgomery, AL 36130; Tel: (334) 242-0442 FEDERAL CUSTOMS OFFICE U.S. CUSTOMS & BORDER PROTECTION OFFICE Anthony Acrey, Port Director, 150 N. Royal St., Suite 3004, Mobile AL 36602; Tel: (251) 441-5329. *Denotes Introductory Membership *The Aleut Corporation - Port of Adak, Alaska 4000 Old Seward Hwy - Suite 300, Anchorage, AK 99503-6058 Tel: (907) 317-1731 www.aleutcorp.com jreiser@aleutcorp.com Albany Port District Commission 106 Smith Blvd., Albany, NY 12202 Tel: (518) 463-8763/(518) 463-8765 Fax: (518) 463-8767 www.portofalbany.us rhendrick@portofalbany.us PORT COMMISSIONERS Georgette Steffens, Chair Leo Dean, Secretary Dominick Tagliento, Commissioner Joseph E. Coffee, Treasurer John Bulgaro, Commissioner PORT STAFF Richard J. Hendrick, Sr. General Manager Thomas Owens, Esq. General Counsel Terrance P. Hurley, Chief Financial Officer Anthony J. Vasil, Business Development and Marketing Manager Tom McGuinness, Director of Information Technology Megan Daly, Director of Economic Development and Procurement Annie Fitzgerald, AP/Data Processing Manager David B. Williams, Security and Threat Assessment Director Linda Wilkinson, Commission Secretary Annette Gaspary, Confidential Assistant to Counsel John Kosa, Operations Manager OVERALL ANNUAL TONNAGE CY 2010 tonnage: 304,764 Dry bulk: 247,251 short tons Liquid bulk: 10,485 short tons Break bulk: 26,665 short tons CY 2012 tonnage: 391,470 Liquid bulk: 20,072 Grain: 112,752 Scrap iron: 205,702 Heavy lift project: 24,539 Woodpulp: 28,405 CY 2014 Tonnage Liquid Bulk 40,000 Grain 280,681 Scrap Iron 186,457 Heavy Lift/Project 32,682 Wood Pulp 25,273 Calcium Chloride 7,863 CY 2013 Tonnage Liquid Bulk 42,125 Grain 133,100 Scrap Iron 175,309 Heavy Lift/Project 18,023 Woodpulp 20,780 PRIMARY CARGOS: INBOUND Forest products, salt, steel, liquid fertilizer, molasses, heavy lift and project cargo PRIMARY CARGOS: OUTBOUND Grain, heavy lift and project cargo, scrap iron MAIN CHANNEL DEPTH 32 ft. MLW CARGO TERMINALS & FACILITIES Port-owned; operator: Federal Marine Terminals, Inc.; assorted general cargo, heavy lift and dry bulk; berths: 5; total length: 3,000 ft.; water depth: 31 ft. FW; rail service; facilities: on-dock heavy lift rail siding and more than 300,000 sq. ft. of back-up covered storage adjacent to wharfs; heavy-lift crane: Liebherr LHM 400 HD. GRAIN BERTH: Port-owned; operator: Rogers Terminals Corporation; grain; berth: 1; total length: 600 ft.; water depth: 31 ft. FW. OVERSEAS SISTER/BROTHER OR AFFILIATED PORTS The Panama Canal Authority, Panama Port of Seybaplaya, Campache, Mexico AAPA SEAPORTS OF THE AMERICAS * 2016 Membership Directory 31 http://www.asdd.com http://www.aleutcorp.com http://www.portofalbany.us

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