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» CHAIRMAN'S MESSAGE Knowledge, Experience Position Us as Leaders s we enter 2016 with the many opportunities and challenges facing ports throughout our hemisphere, and indeed around the world, one of the greatest strengths we have is the knowledge and experience of those involved with the American Association of Port Authorities. Through AAPA, we are very well positioned to both share these experiences and our cumulative knowledge in helping to better position the ports we manage to play even stronger roles in strengthening our economies. Jim Quinn Saint John Port Authority 2015-2016 Chairman of the Board American Association of Port Authorities In doing this there is no doubt of the critical path that we set for ourselves through the AAPA strategic plan. Nor is there any doubt that this path provides us a framework to build a better understanding of the fundamental importance of ports to connect communities and be integral components of the global supply chain. In the coming year, I believe we are positioned to build that awareness through various aspects of our committee structure and by utilizing the network of our ports to work together to promote awareness. After all it is important that people understand that ports are transition points in moving goods to and from the marketplace and very often that marketplace is located great distances from the port. Nevertheless it is the port that brings the mix of shipping services, infrastructure and port competencies together in helping to generate economic activity at those locations. Over the past year, we've had discussions about the relevance and value of AAPA and this year we will continue to build on the efforts of my predecessors, focusing on even greater relationship building throughout our organization. We are each responsible for being activity engaged not only as Port Directors/CEOs but we are also responsible for the professional development of our staff members. Part of the value proposition of this organization is its fulfillment of its mandate to provide professional development opportunities though various conferences and through the Professional Port Manager Program. These educational and networking tools will help to create the next generation of leaders who will be ready to step into senior roles, providing leadership in our port communities. There is no doubt of the essential role AAPA must play in elevating the importance of ports to those whose influence affects our existence through the roles they play in our communities and governments. To this end, we as an Association, and as individual ports, need to make a statement collectively on the value and importance of ports. We need to declare a hemispheric port day that will provide an opportunity for all of our member ports in the four delegations to share a common message about the collective value of ports while also tailoring the message to reflect their own situation. It is planned that during the Spring Conference we will declare April 5th a "Hemispheric Port Day." AAPA will be communicating with each of you about this initiative. It is my hope that we will have created a tradition that will endure. There is no doubt of the essential role AAPA must play in elevating the importance of ports to those whose influence affects our existence through the roles they play in our communities and governments. As a membership-driven organization we must recognize that we are at an unprecedented crossroads as we continue to work hard exploring the strong value proposition that is associated with being a member of AAPA. To this end, another area of focus for our Association this year will be to initiate a discussion and review of how our fees are structured. It is essential that member ports are treated in a fair and equitable way and that they can readily see the value of belonging to our organization. In closing, it is a real honor and very humbling that my peers have given me the opportunity as Chair of AAPA this year. As the year continues to move forward, I hope that I have the opportunity to meet as many of you as possible at the various events held by the Association. Remember, part of the value proposition is your activate participation and that of your staff. Finally, I want to thank the staff at the AAPA headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, for their dedication to the Association, their strong commitment to each of us as members and their ability to share our common messages. With the AAPA staff support and the active participation of members, this Association has a bright future that will benefit all member ports and the communities in which they serve. AAPA SEAPORTS OF THE AMERICAS * 2016 Membership Directory 9

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