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» CANADIAN PORT PROFILES Belledune Port Authority PORT STAFF Karen Oldfield, President & CEO Paul MacIsaac, Senior Vice President George Malec, Vice President, Business Development & Operations Krista Dempsey, Vice President, Real Estate 112 Shannon Drive, Belledune, NB E8G 2W2 Tel: (506) 522-1200 Fax: (506) 522-0803 www.portofbelledune.ca doucett@portofbelledune.ca OVERALL ANNUAL TONNAGE CY 2014: overall (HPA and Non-HPA): 7,831,883; containerized (HPA only): 3,366,428; Non-containerized (HPA only): 465,884; Non-HPA: 3,999,571 PORT COMMISSIONERS Barry Kyle Claude Doucet Harry H. Williamson Léo Cormier Albert Doucet Alberta Buttimer George Smith PRIMARY CARGOS: INBOUND HPA Facilities - Manufactured goods, clothing, machines and equipment; auto parts Non-HPA Facilities - Fuel oil PRIMARY CARGOS: OUTBOUND HPA Facilities - Wood pulp; newsprint and paper; manufactured goods; agri-product Non-HPA Facilities - Gypsum PORT STAFF Raybum Doucett, President & CEO Jenna MacDonald, Director of Marketing Wynford Goodman, Director of Operations Linda Rogers, Director of Finance & Administration Danik Boudreau, Manager, Logistics & Business Development Jeannine Scott, Corporate Secretary, Executive Assistant MAIN CHANNEL DEPTH 60 ft. (18.3 m.) CRUISE TERMINALS & FACILITIES HALIFAX SEAPORT: Operator: Halifax Port Authority; berths: 3; lengths: seawall: 611.5 m.; Pier 23, 213 m.; facilities: Pavilion 22, approximately 2396 sq. m.; Pavilion 20, approximately 994 sq. m.; Cunard Centre, approximately 5277 sq. m.; depths: seawall, 12.2 m., Pier 23, 9.9 m. Gangways available including two new hydraulically and electrically operated. Shore power system allowing properly equipped cruise vessels to plug in and turn off auxiliary engines installed and operational. OVERALL ANNUAL TONNAGE 2013: 1,700,000 M.T. PRIMARY CARGOS: INBOUND Coal, lead ore concentrates, coke fines, perlite, wind turbine components, petroleum products, petroleum coke, metallurgical coke PRIMARY CARGOS: OUTBOUND Gypsum, zinc ore concentrates, sulphuric acid, lead concentrate ingots, forest products, wood pellets, breakbulk general cargo, modular components MAIN CHANNEL DEPTH 11.7 m. at chart datum CARGO TERMINALS & FACILITIES TERMINAL #1: Port-owned; operator: Xstrata Zinc (Brunswick Mining & Smelting); cargo: dry/liquid bulk cargo; berths: 1; total length: 155 m. (509 ft.); water depth: 10.4 m. (34.1 ft.). TERMINAL #2: Port-owned; operator: NB Power; cargo: coal, petroleum coke/liquid bulk petroleum; berths: 1, total length: 307 m. (1007 ft.), water depth: 14.5 m.; continuous ship unloader (CSU). M.D. YOUNG TERMINAL #3: Port-owned; operator: Eastern Canada Stevedoring; cargo: mixed (bulk/breakbulk), ro-ro cargo; berths: 2: West berth: length: 227.5 m. (746 ft.); water depth: 10.1 m. (33.1 ft.); East berth: length: : 227.5 m. (746 ft.); total length: 455 m. (1492 ft.); water depth: 11.6 m. (37.7 ft.); rail services. RAYBURN DOUCETT TERMINAL #4: Port-owned; operator: N/A; combination ro-ro/barge; cargo: mobile drop trailers, containers, modular homes, project cargo (heavy lift), etc.; berths: ro-ro berth: length: 184 m. (604 ft.); ramp width: 27.18 m. (89 ft.); water depth: 9.0 m. (29.5 ft.); barge berth: length: 122 m. (400 ft.); ramp width: 35 m. (115 ft.); accommodates typical 30.4 m. (100 ft.) x 121.9 m. (400 ft.) barge; water depth: 7.0 m. (23 ft.). OTHER PORT OWNED BUSINESSES, SERVICES, FACILITIES, FTZ 1600 acres (650 hectares) Industrial parks FEDERAL CUSTOMS OFFICE René Arsenault, Customs Officer, Canada Border Services Agency, 1-219, Main St., Bathurst, NB E2A 1A9 Tel: (506) 548-7896, (800) 461-9999; Fax: (506) 548-6751 *Denotes Introductory Membership CARGO TERMINALS & FACILITIES HPA Facilities: SOUTH END CONTAINER TERMINAL: Operator: Halterm Container Terminal Limited; cargo: container; berths: 5; length: 1237 m.; depth: 13.9 m.-16.2 m.; rail service; facilities: nine yard gantries, three ro-ro ramps, 485 reefer outlets; 30.2 hectares/74.5 acres of open area; 2,780 sq. m. shedded. Seven ship-to-shore gantries (four super post-Panamax). FAIRVIEW COVE CONTAINER TERMINAL: Operator: Ceres Halifax Inc.; cargo: containers; berths: 2; length: 700 m.; depth: 16.8 m.; rail service; facilities: Nine yard gantries; One ro-ro ramp; 500 reefer outlets; 28.3 hectares/70 acres of open area, 2,322.5 sq. m. shedded. Five ship-to-shore gantries (three super post-Panamax). RICHMOND TERMINALS: Operator: Halifax Port Authority; cargo: all types; berths: 4; length: 1,142 m.; depth: 8.8 m.-13.7 m.; rail service; 11 hectare lay-down area; three sheds with a total 21,000 sq. m. shedded area. OCEAN TERMINALS: Operator: Halifax Port Authority; cargo: all types; berths: 9; length: 1,666 m.; depth: 9.1 m.-14 m.; rail service; two ro-ro ramps; 38,672 sq. m. open area; 18,648 sq. m covered area, Non-HPA Facilities: AUTOPORT: Operator: Autoport Limited; cargo: vehicles; berth: 1; length: 201 m.; depth: 13.7 m.; rail service; open area is 40.5 ha. NATIONAL GYPSUM TERMINAL: Operator: National Gypsum (Canada) Ltd.; cargo: gypsum; berths: 1; length: 197 m.; depth: 10 m.; rail service; open area is 10 ha. OTHER PORT OWNED BUSINESSES, SERVICES, FACILITIES, FTZ Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market OTHER PORT AREA SERVICES Bunkers/fuel; chandlery; crane maintenance/repair; waste and environmental services; marine equipment and supplies; oil spill response and recovery; shipyard/ship repair; towing and tug service; warehousing/bonded. FEDERAL CUSTOMS OFFICE Canada Border Services Agency, 1583 Hollis St., Halifax NS B3J 3V4; Tel: (902) 426-2071 Halifax Port Authority OVERSEAS SISTER/BROTHER OR AFFILIATED PORTS Shenzhen, China P.O. Box 336, Ocean Terminals, Halifax, NS B3J 2P6 Tel: (902) 426-3643 Fax: (902) 426-9277 www.portofhalifax.ca koldfield@portofhalifax.ca Hamilton Port Authority PORT COMMISSIONERS D. Geoffrey Machum. Q.C., Chair David L. Henderson, Vice Chair Trevor Johnson, Director L. Anne Galbraith, Director Hector Jacques, Director Ted Larsen, Director Lantz Siteman, Director 605 James St. N., Hamilton, ON L8L 1K1 Tel: (905) 525-4330, ext. 248 Fax: (905) 528-6282 www.hamiltonport.ca bwood@hamiltonport.ca PORT COMMISSIONERS Edward Minich, Chair Matthew Moccio, Vice Chair Mel Hawkrigg Kathy Watts Sandy Shaw Robert Savage Vacant AAPA SEAPORTS OF THE AMERICAS * 2016 Membership Directory 95 http://www.portofbelledune.ca http://www.portofhalifax.ca http://www.hamiltonport.ca

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