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»FEATURE WORDS OF WISDOM FROM LONG-STANDING PORT EXECUTIVES F Don't try to mimic your predecessor. Set your own standards based on your port's mission and goals. Allow yourself the luxury of failure. You learn more from failure than success. Let your colleagues and staff perform. A detriment of the internet/social media is that it's easy to push decisions up the chain of command. Let your staff do their job on their own. - John LaRue, Executive Director, Port Corpus Christi Organizations within the maritime industry can be extremely complex and dynamic places. Leaders, if they are to remain valuable within these organizations, must stay current with technological changes, in addition to finding innovative ways to increase their contribution to the organization. - Orlando Forbes, Port Director, Freeport Harbour Company (Bahamas) 18 AAPA SEAPORTS MAGAZINE or our Executive Issue, Seaports asked senior and long-standing port executives throughout the Western Hemisphere to share a few words of advice to those aspiring to leadership positions within the industry. We asked them both what they wish they had known when they began their careers in maritime and what experiences they would share with those just starting out. Here is what they had to say. During my 30-plus years in the port industry, I have always worked to foster a workplace setting where people care about their co-workers and the success of the port. By creating this type of environment, it gives staff the confidence and supportive environment needed to perform their duties without fear of making mistakes and the comfort of knowing that their co-workers have their back. But one of my greatest successes as a port leader over the years has been to hire the best people, make sure they have clear direction, and then get out of their way. - John M. Mohr, Executive Director, Port of Everett Patience is a required tool that will serve you well; however, it is not necessarily easy to obtain. You will find that you will have many friends all of a sudden, just remember that there is a reason for this. Most importantly, remember to let everything come to you - do not rush your decisions. The truth almost always lies in the middle of the narrative. - Steven M. Cernak, P.E., PPM®, Chief Executive and Port Director, Port Everglades Strive for excellence, not perfection. Create a good team; foster teamwork and allow the members of the team to develop individually as they seek to obtain higher goals and objectives. Mistakes will happen - they are an integral and necessary part of the development. - Valentín Moran, Gerente General, Consorcio de Gestión del Puerto de Bahía Blanca

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Seaports Magazine - Spring 2014

AAPA Headquarters
From the President’s Desk
Public Sector Agencies with Private Sector Expectations
Welcoming Veterans to Port Ranks
Working with Stakeholders: The Buck Stops at the CEO’s Office
Words of Wisdom from Long-Standing Port Executives
PPM® Certification Readies Executives for the Top
Facing Challenges Head On
Ports are Critical to U.S. Economy’s Health
The Changing Paradigm of Transportation Executives
Port and Maritime Environmental Compliance Planning Starts at the Top
Comprehensive Records Retention Plan a Must for Ports
Saint John Brings the Port to the Classroom
Barbados on Track for Record Cruise Growth
Santa Marta Focuses on the Environment, Community and Operational Efficiency
Northwest Ports Partner to Further Cut Diesel Emissions

Seaports Magazine - Spring 2014