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» guesT VieWPoinT seaports are at the forefront of export growth Through communication, outreach and education, ports across the country can play a key role in expanding the trade potential for U.S. businesses By Michael Masserman Executive Director for Export Policy, Promotion and Strategy International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce s eaports are the launch pad during a good’s export journey. though a product destined for export begins in our factories and farms, the port facilitates a critical transition. that means our ports are both gateways for trade globally and engines for growth locally. Seaports handle a greater percentage of U.S. goods exports than any other transport mode. More than 75 percent of america’s merchandise exports by volume – and more than 36 percent by value – leave the United States via our waterways. that means most of the goods portion within our record $2.2 trillion in exports last year passed through seaports. these ports played a vital role in the nearly 10 million jobs supported by exports in 2012, and helped exports reach a record 14 percent of our country’s Growth Domestic product. this was all accomplished despite a slowdown in the world economy and in world trade volumes. our ports enabled the United States this past year to reach record levels of merchandise exports to 70 countries, including major emerging markets – such as Brazil, China and India – and 11 free trade agreement partners. this includes record exports to our new trade agreement partners of panama and Colombia, as well as to russia, which is a new member of the World trade organization and was granted permanent Normal trade relations by the United States. this record export growth also resulted from sectors critical to our nation’s competitiveness and which primarily rely on ports for their mode of cross-border delivery. For example, manufactured goods reached a record $1.35 trillion in 2012, and manufacturing exports have increased by 47 percent between 2009 and 2012. our exports of motor vehicles and parts totaled $132.7 billion in 2012 (an increase of nearly 80 percent since 2009), and this sector continues to be a bright spot for U.S. exports in markets all over the world. three years into the president’s National export Initiative (NeI) – which seeks to double U.S. exports and create an additional two million jobs – our efforts are paying off and helping to change the way america does business. But there is more work to do. that is why the International trade administration is partnering with organizations like the american association of port authorities in order to expand the export potential for american businesses. Seaports around the country are positioned to share trade lead information and conduct exporter outreach and education seminars, 30 aaPa seaPorTs MagaZine through which we can help firms expand their reach into more markets and enable new firms to become “export-ready.” By sharing specialized knowledge with exporters, seaport officials’ help can facilitate an overseas sale – expanding port growth, local businesses and american jobs. We want as many ports to as possible participate in this national partnership, so please visit www.export. gov/ports for more information. We are also working with ports on tailored trade missions, such as the Commerce Department’s first-ever ports and maritime trade mission to India in February 2012. In addition, this past year Commerce established an advisory Committee for Supply Chain Competitiveness, which is made up of representatives from seaports, the freight industry and supply chain users. this committee will advise the secretary of commerce on the necessary elements of national freight infrastructure, and a national freight policy designed to support U.S. export growth and foster national competitiveness. our interaction with ports returns to the premise that ports act as a nexus for international engagement for U.S. exporters, but also play a critical economic role in our communities. recently, ports have taken a seat at the table for regions participating in the Metropolitan export Initiative, or MeI. We are proud to partner with the Brookings Institution on the MeI, which aims to localize the NeI, and ensure metros across the country are developing regional export plans to ultimately be incorporated into their broader regional economic development strategies. Seaports are at the forefront of our national and local efforts to strengthen america’s economy and ensure long-term sustainable growth. as the president has demonstrated, he understands that we can create jobs right now and strengthen our economy over the long haul by rebuilding the infrastructure that powers our businesses and our economy – our roads, our bridges, our schools – and our ports. We look forward to further partnering in ways that benefit our ports and the jobs they support. ● Michael Masserman serves as the Presidentially appointed Executive Director for Export Policy, Promotion, and Strategy at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Masserman is charged with leading Commerce and government-wide efforts to implement the National Export Initiative (NEI), which President Obama laid out in his 2010 State of the Union Address with the goal of doubling exports by the end of 2014.

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