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» CASE STUDY: TORONTO PORT AUTHORITY B illy Bishop City Airport Firefighters, Toronto Firefighters and Toronto Police Marine Unit braved the cold earlier this winter to come together and complete their annual ice and cold water rescue training drills. The exercises took place February 25-28 on Lake Ontario at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Rescue training is an important part of the airport's emergency preparedness program, and this training marked the first time that the three emergency departments trained together. In the event of a real emergency, the three parties would work together. The sessions over four days allow firefighters and police to train and rehearse TORONTO PORT AUTHORITY Toronto Emergency Departments Hold Joint Ice and Cold Water Training Exercises different rescue scenarios ensuring that all departments are able to work quickly and effectively in any situation. The training included simulations of several types of emergencies both in the water and on the ice in Toronto Harbour. Ice and cold water rescue is performed by emergency services when a person(s) is either trapped on the ice, has fallen through the ice, or is immersed in cold water. By using specialized equipment and techniques emergency responders can talk a person back to shore, throw a rope to a person where they will be pulled to shore by the rescuers, or the rescuers will go out onto the ice or in the water to reach the person in distress and rescue them. Because these types of rescues Building Solutions for Today's Ports. As a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered building systems, Nucor Building Systems specializes in innovative port related facilities. Partner with our experienced team for quality, custom building solutions on your next project. Contact David Alibrandi at (770) 329-7870 w www.nucorbuild u orbuildi y tems rts 28 AAPA SEAPORTS MAGAZINE 692160_Nucor.indd 1 28/04/14 7:43 PM do not occur often and they require the use of specialized suits, equipment, and techniques; regular training is crucial to maintain the skills required to execute these types of rescues. The tools officials use during the training include Fortuna boats, dry suits, helmets, special boots, neoprene gloves and headwear, personal floatation devices, Marsars boards, rescue rings, throw bags, anchor ropes, and reach poles. "This type of joint training is critical to ensure that responding agencies work together in an effective and coordinated manner during an emergency," said Sylvain Thériault, fire chief/emergency response and planning manager with the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Fire Department. "All departments involved took the opportunity to learn from each other and further develop what is a truly unique skill set, despite weather conditions nearing -30 degrees Celsius. We now know each other better, which can really help when situations are time sensitive and prompt action is required. The training was such a success that we are looking forward to making this an annual event." The Toronto Port Authority (TPA) owns and operates Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, the Port of Toronto (Terminals 51 and 52), and Toronto's Outer Harbour Marina. In addition to moving more than two million passengers through the airport in 2012, the Port Authority provides transportation, distribution, storage and container services to businesses at the Port, and owns and operates Toronto's largest freshwater marina. ●

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In Case of Emergency
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Her Path Leads to Ports
U.S. Needs New Transportation Law that Improves Quality of Life, Economy
Crisis at the Port: Planning Ahead Makes the Difference
Superstorms and Rising Sea Level Present a New Challenge for Ports
Aapa Port Employee Relief Fund a Helping Hand for Those in Need
Toronto Emergency Departments Hold Joint Ice and Cold Water Training Exercises
New Sonar Solution to Protect Aruba Ports Authority
Preparedness, Resiliency and Responsiveness in Mexico
Cat Islands Restoration Strengthens the Resiliency of Port of Green Bay, Local Environment
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