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» CASE STUDY: PORT OF MANZANILLO Preparedness, Resiliency and Responsiveness in Mexico S ecurity at the Port of Manzanillo is truly an integrated system, designed for the safety of individuals, port facilities, goods and port/maritime operations in compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPIS Code), and aided by the use of state-of-the-art technology including closed-circuit television (CCTV), access control systems and personal tactical gear for security personnel. Direct coordination between the port authorities and the local civil and military authorities ensures streamlined security measures without affecting international trade. The Port Navy Defense Unit (UNAPROP) consists of military personnel of the Secretariat of the Marine-Navy of Our expertise isn't just based on desk research Having every professional qualification in the book and speaking 16 languages - from Mandarin to Romanian - helps. But knowing global transport and logistics inside out is all about being part of the fabric of the industry. From lawyers to loss prevention experts, from underwriters to claims managers, you can rely on us for unrivalled experience and expertise. Because we don't do anything else, we lead the way in transport and logistics insurance. 32 AAPA 694722_TT.indd 1 SEAPORTS MAGAZINE Mexico, which specializes in maritime and port protection and supports and contributes to all three ISPIS security levels. Additional coordination with the Marine Terminal Security Officers facilitates providing and/or receiving the necessary support to define areas of risk or to mitigate threats to vessel and port facility safety and security. The Port Emergency Center, which operates 24/7, consists of 25 individuals (firefighters, paramedics and a surgeon) who prevent and fight fires and respond to accidents and hazardous material incidents that could affect people, equipment and port facilities. In the event of a major natural or man-made disaster, the Mexican Red Cross, the Fire Department and the Municipal and State Civil Defense Units are called upon. For responses, the Port Emergency Center has two certified basic life support ambulances, an advanced unit, a rapid fire control team, a telescopic ladder fire truck and HazMat equipment, a fire engine with urban search and rescue capabilities and chemical decontamination equipment, which, if necessary, can also be used for radioactive decontamination. What is the port doing to face sudden events such as a terrorist attack, natural disaster and other emergency while continuing to operate? Both the Integrated Safety and Security System and the Port Emergency Center receive continual training and updates on port incident response and the ISPIS Code in coordination with the state and municipal emergency bodies, exchanging experiences and knowledge to better respond to unlawful or terrorist acts and to natural phenomena. Close cooperation also exists with port tenant security officers to coordinate backup and response to the different security levels in order to only affect the necessary areas and preserve the physical integrity of workers and infrastructure, while causing the least disruption possible to the business of such tenants. The Manzanillo Port Authority (Administración Portuaria Integral de Manzanillo S.A. de C.V.) has a Declaration of Conformity in force, pursuant to Chapter XI-2 and Part A of the ISPIS Code, and a Port Facility Protection Plan (PPIP) approved by the General Direction of Merchant Marine (FIDENA). ● 14/05/14 10:04 PM

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U.S. Needs New Transportation Law that Improves Quality of Life, Economy
Crisis at the Port: Planning Ahead Makes the Difference
Superstorms and Rising Sea Level Present a New Challenge for Ports
Aapa Port Employee Relief Fund a Helping Hand for Those in Need
Toronto Emergency Departments Hold Joint Ice and Cold Water Training Exercises
New Sonar Solution to Protect Aruba Ports Authority
Preparedness, Resiliency and Responsiveness in Mexico
Cat Islands Restoration Strengthens the Resiliency of Port of Green Bay, Local Environment
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