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The electric-powered RTG crane at the Port of Savannah. PLuG IN TO THE FuEL OF THE FuTuRE: ELECTRICITy By Andra Rogers Senior Project Manager of Non-Road Electric Transportation EPRI THE BOTTOM LINE Cargo-handling equipment run off electric power offers substantial cost and environmental benefits compared to those that are diesel-powered. While it may not be economically feasible to purchase new equipment, there are retrofit options available for ports looking to realize these cost savings. 46 AAPA SEAPORTS MAGAZINE S eaports around the world are busily moving goods and freight at an ever-increasing rate. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, by 2020, the volume of international container cargo shipped is expected to be double that of 2001 levels. These ports are supported by a large network of cargo-handling equipment, such as yard tractors, cranes and other equipment traditionally powered by diesel engines. As oil prices increase and environmental concerns are identified, ports are investigating cost-effective alternatives. Electrification has emerged as one key strategy. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) began its Non-Road Electric Transportation Program, dedicated to R&D/technology development, technology demonstrations and education, in 1994. Let's look at the Port of Savannah, where EPRI is working with the Georgia Ports Authority and the local utility, Georgia Power, to better understand the costs and benefits of electric cargo handling. These research findings can help transfer nonroad electric transportation technology to other ports and perhaps to other modes of transportation across the globe. Even as electricity powers new cargo-handling equipment, research and

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The Big Ship Race – Is Bigger Better?
Shipping Lines Partner to Stay Afloat
Cruise Lines Set Sail for Growth
Bulk Cargo Ports Valuable to the Community
Crafting Funding Solutions for Port Projects
Sister Agreements Spread Cultural Wealth
Strong Financial Ratings Open the Door of Opportunity
Customer Service a Key to Strong Bottom Line Results
Plug in to the Fuel of the Future: Electricity
Houston Thinks Outside the Box With Non-Traditional Lines of Business
Ohio Port Authorities Know How to Rock Economic Development
XXIII Congress of Latin American Ports
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Seaports Magazine - Fall 2014