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»PRESIDENT'S MESSAgE Keeping It Simple American Association of Port Authorities 1010 Duke St. Alexandria, VA 22314-3589 Tel: (703) 684-5700 Fax: (703) 684-6321 Email: Website: Administration KURT J. NAGLE, PRESIDENT & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER JEAN GODWIN, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT & GENERAL COUNSEL By Kurt Nagle President & CEO American Association of Port Authorities W e have the U.S. Navy to thank for the KISS principle - Keep It Simple Stupid. More than 50 years after Lockheed engineer Kelly Johnson is credited with coining the phrase, the design principle that took root in the U.S. military is an idea that continues to drive efficiency and beautiful simplicity in systems, processes and projects. Including those in the port industry. It's the principle behind this issue of Seaports magazine. While AAPA recognizes and proudly trumpets the fact that seaports constantly and successfully balance a wide range of competing priorities - community and stakeholder interests, environmental leadership, long-range transportation planning, homeland security and military support, just to name a few - the simple truth is that ports as organizations only work if they have the resources they need to achieve their myriad goals. So it comes down to the bottom line. It's a financial bottom line in many cases - asking and answering questions, such as: What does this idea/project/trend mean for us and our balance sheets? Will we save money? Spend money on something that we can amortize over time? If we don't spend money now, what will the costs be later? But some issues, events and trends can't be boiled down so neatly to a dollar amount. Yet they have a profound impact on ports. And so the bottom line that is evaluated is one in terms of net impact: Is this good or bad? Are there opportunities to be seized if we act one way and negative consequences if we fail to act? Does this increase or deplete our "social capital" and help or hinder our "social license to operate"? We've tried to tackle the most important industry trends and financial topics that affect ports in this issue, and we've tried to boil it down - to provide you, the reader, with a quick takeaway from each article. We recognize how busy our members are, and while we want to continue to provide valuable information, we know sometimes that information is best delivered in a simple, straightforward way. ● TERI NAGLE, FINANCE/HUMAN RESOURCES COORDINATOR COLLEEN O'SULLIVAN, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT Government Relations SUSAN MONTEVERDE, VICE PRESIDENT OF GOVERNMENT RELATIONS JIM WALKER, DIRECTOR OF NAVIGATION POLICY & LEGISLATION KIP PAYNE, MANAGER OF GOVERNMENT RELATIONS LOIS MCKUHEN, ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Outreach & Membership Services EDWARD L. O'CONNELL, DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP SERVICES JODI GIBSON, TRAINING & PROGRAMS COORDINATOR RAFAEL DÍAZ-BALART, LATIN AMERICAN COORDINATOR Communications AARON ELLIS, PUBLIC AFFAIRS DIRECTOR MEREDITH MARTINO, DIRECTOR OF PUBLICATIONS, DIGITAL MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY MARY BETH LONG, SENIOR COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING SPECIALIST Research & Informational Services DR. REXFORD B. SHERMAN, DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH & INFORMATION SERVICES Editorial Advisory Panel CRAIG ESTABROOKS, PORT ST. JOHN DUANE SANDUL (ADVISORY PANEL CHAIR), PORT OF REDWOOD CITY ROD KOON, PORT OF TACOMA DONA LISEL REGIS, ST. LUCIA AIR & SEA PORTS AUTHORITY RICHARD SCHER, MARYLAND PORT ADMINISTRATION JEAN GODWIN, AAPA AARON ELLIS, AAPA MEREDITH MARTINO, AAPA Published by 5950 NW 1st Place, Gainesville, FL 32607 Tel: (352) 332-1252, (800) 369-6220, Fax: (352) 331-3525 Publisher Jill Andreu Sales Representatives Amanda Blanchard Editor Sarah Sain Lou Brandow Marketing Lauren Branin Project & Sales Manager Heather McMillen Media Director Chris Zabel Chris Chiccarello Erik Henson Shane Holt Erin Pande Jason Zawada Layout & Design Manish Dutt Sharma ©2014 NAyLoR. All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced by any means, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the publisher. SEPTEMBER 2014/AAP-Q0314/9481 8 AAPA SEAPORTS MAGAZINE

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From the President’s Desk
The Big Ship Race – Is Bigger Better?
Shipping Lines Partner to Stay Afloat
Cruise Lines Set Sail for Growth
Bulk Cargo Ports Valuable to the Community
Crafting Funding Solutions for Port Projects
Sister Agreements Spread Cultural Wealth
Strong Financial Ratings Open the Door of Opportunity
Customer Service a Key to Strong Bottom Line Results
Plug in to the Fuel of the Future: Electricity
Houston Thinks Outside the Box With Non-Traditional Lines of Business
Ohio Port Authorities Know How to Rock Economic Development
XXIII Congress of Latin American Ports
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Seaports Magazine - Fall 2014