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FEATURE 2013 Legislative Service Award Recipients By Schuyler Harding Each year, ACCG presents legislative service awards to recognize Georgia House and Senate members. The legislative service awards have gained notoriety among elected and appointed officials over the years and have become a prestigious way to recognize Georgia lawmakers for their exemplary service. The following individuals are commended for their diligent efforts and continued interests in working with county governments for the benefit of Georgia’s citizens. State Senate Sen. Don Balfour (R-9) Chairman of the Reapportionment and Redistricting Committee, Sen. Don Balfour served as a conference committee member on SB 160, the new immigration reform bill. Balfour was very dedicated to the bill in conference committee and lead common sense and ACCG and GMA efforts in the face of adversity in the House. Sen. Balfour was very instrumental with ensuring that no new unfunded requirements be placed on local governments in administrating the law. Sen. Balfour once again took a balanced, responsible approach to addressing one of Georgia’s more challenging policy issues. Sen. Frank Ginn (R-47) ACCG is again honoring Sen. Frank Ginn for his proactive approach in considering how pending legislation impacts Georgia’s counties. This past session, Sen. Ginn sponsored SB 160, the major illegal immigration reform legislation in 2013. This bill, without eroding any of Georgia’s tough immigration policies, reduces many of the repetitive, duplicative and costly immigration mandates on local governments into a more streamlined process. Ginn also sponsored SB 104, which allows local governments more flexibility in the state’s comprehensive planning process. This legislation is a result of a two-year stakeholder process in which ACCG, GMA, and others partnered on the Department of Community Affairs’ Planning Rules Task force to allow county and city plans to be more tailored toward individual community needs, rather than a statewide, top-down approach. Sen. Steve Gooch (R-51) ACCG is honoring Sen. Steve Gooch, chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, for sponsoring both SB 83 and SB 226. State law requires that counties pay for the “decent interment” of indigents who pass away within their jurisdiction. SB 83 simply clarifies that cremation is a decent form of interment for indigent county residents, a form many counties are interested in pursuing. SB 226 is the legislation that corrects contradictory laws regarding coroners’ salaries. It clarifies salary designations for coroners based on their county’s population. At the request of ACCG, Sen. Gooch added language to both bills to save county taxpayer dollars. He had an integral role in helping to advance Georgia’s counties during the past legislative session. FALL 2013 57

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UGA’s Archway Partnership: Empowerment for Georgia’s Communities
Oglethorpe County: Focusing on the Benefi ts of Protecting Rural Roots
Eliminating Risks: LGRMS Celebrates 25 Years
Where Do We Stand? One Year after Georgia’s Criminal Justice Reform
Understanding the Impacts of Juvenile Justice Reform
New Jail Facilities: Counties Focus on New Technology and Capacity to Expand
2013 Legislative Service Award Recipients
Hospital Survival: Informed County Commissioners Can Preserve Local Health Care
Federal New: More Gridlock and Uncertainty May Be Expected in Washington for FY 2014
Slice by Slice: Students Learn About the Signifi cance of Agriculture on Pizza Farms
Talking Trees with Georgia’s County Commissioners
Partner News: Value at the Heart of the Unique Gas South-ACCG Partnership
Commercial Swimming Pool Renovations Do’s and Don’ts
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