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dIrector's desk Foundational team Members By Ross King Executive Director >> those individuals who dedicate their entire professional careers to one organization are unique and possess a special knowledge base that serves as a resource for their organization's membership as well as their fellow employees. 10 OrganizatiOns are cOmprised of individuals who specialize in their respective duties and responsibilities. As we move into a new year and continue to witness the changing demographics of the workforce, there is one trend that continues to evolve. That trend is the individual who begins and ends their career with one organization. We are now moving in the direction, if not already there, where it is rare for professionals to dedicate their entire time in the workforce to one organization. It is also rare for an individual to simply be mentioned by their first name and instantly be known by the association's membership. Those individuals who dedicate their entire professional careers to one organization are unique and possess a special knowledge base that serves as a resource for their organization's membership as well as their fellow employees. ACCG values an organizational reputation that is built upon many decades of progressive leadership. That leadership is coupled with the fact that we have been truly blessed by a staff that prides itself on performance and a providing exceptional customer service. While our staff has grown to over 80 individuals who work in a wide range of professional capacities, we have one individual who fits the description of a "unique employee" as mentioned in my opening remarks. Carol is the name that resonates with that definition of a unique employee. When the name Carol is mentioned at ACCG, there is no doubt that one is referring to our Leadership Development Director Carol Baker. While technically beginning her professional career with the Georgia Bicentennial Commission following her graduation from the University of Georgia in 1975, Carol began her tenure with ACCG in 1977. I frequently note to Carol that she clearly understood that her time with the Bicentennial Commission was likely very limited, something that always elicits a smile from her. Since 1977, Carol has been a constant source of information and membership outreach during her extensive and very dedicated tenure with ACCG. She is one of only two current employees - ACCG General Counsel Jim Grubiak being the other - who has worked for the three executive directors in ACCG history who have had the privilege of leading this organization during its 101 years of service - Hill Healan, Jerry Griffin and myself. I recently spent a couple of hours with Carol discussing a wide range of issues. Unbeknownst to her, I asked her a series of impromptu questions as a means of preparing this editorial. As she GeorGia County Government answered the questions, I thoroughly enjoyed her reflections on her experience with our organization. Her reflections on her tenure as well as the progression of the association were candid, and most of all, insightful. Membership When asked about our membership, Carol stated "Our folks are very pleasant, appreciative and grateful. You clearly think that you are helping them out which is why it is great to work for ACCG! Our members are very humble and some are stunned by the detailed duties required by the office once they assume their positions. We are constantly in a position to offer them assistance." She noted that the genuine nature of some conversations in training sessions make her smile. One conversation that she noted dealt with a particular cost that was of interest to a commissioner in which the county was required to pay. When he was told it was a "mandate" he said, "Well let's get rid of the mandate!" To which we all can agree! Difficult Aspects of Working for the Association "We have lost a lot of friends - the most difficult loss was when ACCG President Sherrill Stafford (Houston County) died in office. We all experienced deep sadness and shock over this most unexpected event." Motivation I inquired about what motivates her and she immediately replied, "I am helping members - making sure that we remain as a 'catalyst'." If I Had to Do It Over Again "I would have slowed down the transition to our Lifelong Learning Academy. The program has been embraced by our membership, but we have taken on a large training transition. I want to ensure that we fully and completely implement these revisions with complete success." Advice for New ACCG Staff "Be open minded, be flexible," she said. Then, proceeding to quote University of Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban as she set aside her UGA roots for a very brief moment, Carol went on to say, "Notice what you don't notice." She also noted that one of the fun things that ACCG can do is be very nimble - we can easily (most often) react.

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Director’s Desk
Legislative Preview
ACCG District Days
The Impact of Body Worn Cameras
Georgia House Bill 310: What it Really Means to Local Governments and Communities
Mobile Integrated Healthcare/ Community Paramedicine – In your County’s Future?
Q & A With Dr. Jill Mabley, Medical Director of Cherokee County Fire & EMS
Three Technologies Improve Efficiencies in Georgia County Jails and Courts
Counties and Inmate Medical Assistance
Dealing with the Mentally Ill in Jails
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Georgia County Government - Winter 2015